13 Natural Ingredients to Clean Almost Anything

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Two growing trends are rapidly transforming the way we approach cleaning these days - green cleaning and the DIY lifestyle. Green cleaning is using safe, natural, eco-friendly cleaners to houseclean your home and the DIY, or do-it-yourself, lifestyle is all about making your own products rather than buying them. When you put these two together, you get DIY green cleaners, and recipes for them are going wild all over the web. If you are interested in making your own all-natural, non-toxic home cleaning products, you will want to stock up on these 13 natural ingredients that can clean almost anything.

Our grandparents were truly the wise ones – they knew all about green cleaning and DIY projects long before any of us. For them, it wasn’t about following any trend, though; these things were simply a way of life. We have a lot to learn from our elders as we try to turn back time and return to a simpler way of life – a time when we were far more self-sufficient, less dependent on commercial chemical products, and weren’t suffering from quite so many environmentally-related diseases. For those of us who have kids, pets, or are caring for elderly relatives, going chemical-free is even more important because they seem more prone to environmental sensitivities. This does not mean that we should not look out for ourselves, however. A healthy, chemical-free home is good for everyone. And, when we turn to DIY green cleaning products, we’re bound to save a great deal of money as well.

Just to discuss a few of the 13 natural cleaning ingredients, let’s begin with lemons. Lemons are not only healthy for us to eat, they have many high-potency cleaning qualities that can be very useful around the home. Lemon juice is very high in citric acid, which means it can easily cut through grease and grime so that all you need do is rinse it away. It also has antibacterial properties that can help kill germs naturally. Lemons have a fresh, clean scent that can banish strong odours like fish, onion, and garlic. When using lemons for cleaning, it’s important to wash the surface with natural soap and water afterwards, otherwise it can become sticky. You can clean just about anything with lemon juice, but you cannot clean brass-plated items. Lemon juice will clean pure brass, mind you, but the citric acid is a little too strong for this type of mixed-metal and will cause it to stain. Other than that, lemon juice can be a highly-effective natural cleaner for shining up chrome, disinfecting cutting boards, freshening waste cans, removing odours from microwaves, scrubbing away grout, removing grease stains, polishing windows, whitening clothes, and so much more. Another amazing natural cleaning ingredient is liquid castile soap. Castile soap is a pure, natural soap derived from olive oil or coconut oil and it’s totally biodegradable. Just a few drops of castile soap will go a long way and it’s good for cleaning anything you would normally clean with soap – for example, floors, bathroom tiles, walls, toilets, and laundry.

Lemons and castile soap are just two of the 13 natural house cleaning ingredients you can use to clean your home. We highly recommend stocking up on all 13 of them so you will have a wide range of natural cleaners that you can mix and match as necessity dictates, cleaning your home in the healthiest possible way. This helpful list natural ingredients for cleaning your home comes from the Care2 website where you can find lots more tips and tricks for healthy living.*

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