13 ways to use dawn dish soap around your home

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Dish soap is one cleaning product we all have around and while it does a great job of cleaning our dishes, there are also some other great cleaning tips you can use it for. Home and Gardening Ideas has a ton of great ideas for using Dawn dishwashing soap that you maybe had never thought of before. So for those who want to minimize the number of cleaning products they have in their homes, this list of cleaning tips will come in very handy. When it comes down to it, you don't really need a ton of cleaning products to clean your home. Of course, product companies would like you to think otherwise, but you can pretty much use one cleaner for all sorts of different jobs. So even if you don't use Dawn dishwashing soap, in particular, you can pretty much use any kind of dish soap for these cleaning tips. You can use dish soap to make a great all-purpose cleaner for your home. It especially works great as a tile cleaner. All you do is mix half dish soap and half vinegar in a spray bottle and mix it well. Then spray your tile, shower or bathtub with the cleaner and let it sit for 20 minutes or so to loosen up stuck on gunk. Then just scrub and rinse. Your shower will look as good as new.

As well as being great for removing scum from your shower, dish soap also works great on stains. Whether they're on your clothing or furniture, Dawn dishwashing soap can cut through grease and stains wonderfully. Just put a drop or two of the dish soap onto the stain and then take a cleaning toothbrush and scrub the area. Put in the washing machine with your regular load of laundry and the stain should be gone. Did you know that dish soap can also get rid of ants? All you do is mix up some water and Dawn dishwashing soap in a spray bottle and spray down the area where you've found ants. It will get rid of any scent trail they had leading up to their food source and throw them off track. If you live somewhere that gets sub-zero temperatures, you need some de-icer. It turns out that dish soap works great for this purpose too. Just mix one teaspoon of Dawn dishwashing soap with one tablespoon of rubbing alcohol and a half of a gallon of hot water. Then, simply pour the mixture on your driveway or steps, and it will remove ice and also prevent it from returning.

If you happen to get a motor oil stain on your driveway, just use dish soap to get rid of it. Pour some cat litter on the spot first if it's fresh to soak up the excess oil. Let it sit for a while and then sweep it up and use a cleaning brush with some dish soap and hot water to scrub away the oil. Dish soap is also a great window cleaner as well. Just put a few drops of your dish soap into warm water and put it in a spray bottle to spray on your windows and clean as usual. Did you also know that Dawn dishwashing soap is also safe enough to use for washing your pets? It's safe and gentle on their fur or hair, and it won't irritate. So as you can see, there are so many different cleaning tips for dish soap. Try some of these cleaning tips out and see how they work in your home, and be sure to share them.***

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