14 Fun Edible Christmas Crafts for Kids

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Don’t know what to give people for Christmas this year? Having trouble finding the usual decorations? Christmas can be fun if you put a little creativity into it, especially if you involve your whole family. With these 14 fun edible Christmas crafts for kids, you can make your own gifts and decorations, and eat them too. Personalize this year’s holiday season with hand-made Christmas treats, décor, and ornaments made by yourself and your family. These fourteen DIY Christmas craft ideas are easy and inexpensive to make, and you’re sure to have a fabulous time putting them together.

1. Try these fun Popcorn Santas to get your Christmas crafting session of to a great start. From popping the corn to gluing kernels on Santa’s beard, there’s a job for everyone in this DIY Christmas card project.

2. Want to spice up your Christmas tree? Try making these simple, delicious cinnamon applesauce heart ornaments to hang from the boughs – try not to eat them all, though – save some for decorating. For extra aroma, add cloves.

3. And now for something completely adorable – candy cane sleighs. These sweet little candy bundles are perfect for all those special people in your life, and make great stocking stuffers too.

4. Marshmallow snowmen will brighten up any cup of hot cocoa this Christmas. You can find markers in the baking aisle at most grocery stores.

5. For festive dessert and candy cups, you can make these delightful Santa suits – they’re totally edible, so there’s no waste involved.

6. If you’re looking for healthier options, here are some strawberry Santas to decorate your kids’ plates, and a few banana snowmen for good measure.

7. Candy-filled Christmas tree ornaments add the extra sense of wonder to your tree and can be a lot of fun eating when you take it down.

8. For even more colour, add a few of these brilliant melted peppermint ornaments to your Christmas tree. They smell great too.

9. If you’re an old fan of Rice Krispy squares, you’ll want to try out these Rice Krispy ornaments. Show the youngsters what they’re all about.

10. Or how about these Swiss Roll Reindeers? Super-cute and made from sweets, they’re almost too beautiful to eat!

11. The kids will love these snowmen suckers – making and wrapping them for friends. You’ll have to keep an eye on them, though, or they might disappear fast. They’re just that yummy.

12. Gumdrop snowflakes will keep them occupied for hours – making and eating them, and decorating too.

13. If you have a little extra time and inclination, these 3D mini gingerbread houses are as adorable as can be – coffee time will be a hit with these, not to mention hot chocolate and tea!

14. These ice cream Christmas cones can be a blast to make. The kids will have fun decorating their very own Christmas cone ice cream tree! You’ll have a whole enchanted forest in no time.

Make your Christmas the most memorable one yet by engaging your kids and getting them involved in the process. Christmas can be fun and inexpensive when you start getting crafty about it. These edible Christmas crafts come from the How Does She website, where you can find lots more enjoyable DIY craft projects for the whole family.*

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