14 great ways to keep spiders out of your home naturally

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Most homes are susceptible to pests like common house spiders. Whether we like it or not these pests find a way into our homes and stay for as long as they can. Usually, when you find a spider in your home you're likely to either squish it and flush it, or you might even carry it to safety outside taking the more humane route. But what if you could prevent these common house spiders from even entering into your home in the first place? Most spider control methods involve powerful chemical solutions which can be toxic for humans and pets. So if you go to the store to find spider control products, you'll most likely be stuck with something that could be toxic for you and your family. Tips Bulletin shares some all natural spider control tips with us so we can avoid bringing chemicals into our homes, yet keep spiders away. If you have a garden up against your home or trees, your home might be more likely to have spiders. You can actually use other insects to keep the spiders away from your home. Interestingly enough, you can use ladybugs eat the same insects that spiders do, which will force the spiders to find food somewhere else. You can sometimes find ladybugs for sale at garden centres since most gardeners realize the benefits of having them in their yards.

Peppermint essential oil is a wonderful natural spider control treatment, plus it will also keep other bugs like ants away from your home too. Pure peppermint essential oil has a very strong odour, and since insects are much more sensitive than humans, the scent of peppermint is very overwhelming. You can put some water in a spray bottle and put 10 drops or more of peppermint oil in the water and shake it up. Then, spray the areas around your home that are most likely to allow spiders in. So on window sills and doorways as well as your vents and ceiling tiles in your basement. The great thing is, this essential oil smells so great, and it is far more appealing than the toxic chemical sprays you can buy. Tips Bulletin also shares another spider control spray recipe with us including apple cider vinegar, oil, pepper and dish soap. Just mix up all of those ingredients in a spray bottle and then spray it around.

Another way to use essential oils for spider control is to use cedar oil in a spray bottle mixed with water and spray the exterior of your home with the homemade spray to keep them from even wanting to come in your home. You can also use cedar mulch around your home to keep them away since they hate the scent of cedar. Having pets in your home is also a great method of spider control. Your cat will chase down and kill any spiders in your home, dealing with the intruders, so you don't have to. Sometimes the spiders will also be afraid of the animals so they won't even bother coming into your home in the first place. Checking your home for cracks where spiders can enter in will also prevent them from being able to get into your home. If you find some cracks get a caulking gun and seal up the cracks with caulking. There are even ultrasonic spider deterrent machines that send out a high pitched frequency that keeps pests like common house spiders away. You can usually find these online or in your local hardware store. Try out these spider control techniques to keep these pests out of your home for good.***

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