15 Amazing Trash-To-Treasure Christmas Crafts

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Christmas and the holidays can be an expensive time of year, what with all the gifts, holiday decorations, food, and parties you have to plan. So it's nice when you come across some holiday diy crafts for homes and ways to recycle inexpensive items from around the house. Recycling is just one of the ways to help the environment, and you will find diy crafts for home that make Christmas trees out of plastic spoons, Christmas ornaments out of old tires, snowmen out of milk jugs and so much more. You will want to take a look at just some of the ways to recycle and DIY crafts for home on the list.

1. First on the list is a fun diy craft for home for a Christmas tree made from yardsticks. This is a rustic idea that uses a variety of wood yardsticks to form a Christmas tree.

2. Another way to recycle is glowing snowmen for the home made out of used milk gallon jugs.

3. An inexpensive and simple way to recycle with a snowmen garland made from paper plates.

4. A fun diy craft for home for a Christmas village that is made out of recycled cereal boxes. No one will know that underneath the adorable houses in this Christmas village are recycled cereal boxes.

5. Give new life to your old buttons with Christmas ornaments made out of colorful buttons, ties up with some colorful ribbon.

6. When you are thinking of DIY projects to do for the Christmas tree, you will love this beautiful toilet paper roll tree topper. No need to go out and spend a lot on a Christmas star for the top of the tree, this DIY project gives new life to simple toilet paper rolls.

7. You can make a charming Christmas decoration out of old CD's, and some patterned Christmas scrapbook paper with some ribbon.

8. A coffee filter Christmas wreath is a unique take and look for a wreath that can be hung inside the house.

9. Another Christmas wreath idea is one made out of simple corks glued together with a rustic burlap ribbon to embellish.

10. This diy project is one that the kids can help out with. Adorable yogurt bottle snowmen.

11. This is another diy craft for home that the kids will love. Santa candles made from mason jars and tissue paper with a pop tab for Santa's belt buckle.

12. Wine bottle Christmas decorations.

13. Festive stars made out of recycled drink cans. You will need a few special tools for this to include a pair of parallel pliers, a craft knife, and some scissors along with a metal knife. This is a DIY craft for home that will look good all year long if you like the rustic look.

14. Egg carton Christmas trees.

15. Mason jar lid ornaments.

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