15 borax hacks that prove it's a miracle product

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When it comes to natural house cleaners there are a few no home should be without. One of those natural house cleaners is borax. You may even recall the classic mule team borax boxes from your youth if your parents used it around the house. Borax has been around since the late 1800s. The reason why it's called mule team is that teams of twenty mules were used to haul borax out of the desert. That changed over to rail transportation but the name 20 Mule Team Borax was still used. The mule team illustration on the borax box was first used in 1891 and registered in 1894, and it's still on the 20 Mule Team Borax box. Sodium borate is what borax is, and it can do so much around the house which is why this entire list from Shared consists of cleaning tips you can use borax for. If you don't already use borax or have some in your home, you can buy some at the grocery store in the laundry detergent aisle. One of the cleaning tips borax is most well known for is being great for freshening your laundry. You can simply add a half a cup of borax powder in with your regular laundry detergent and fabric softener. It makes your laundry smell great, and it even brightens white items too. Borax works to soften your water which also helps to keep your clothes looking newer and less worn out.

If you have mold growing on your shower tiles, borax will be great for getting rid of that too. Plus, it works as a wonderful abrasive cleaner that scrubs away tile scum and grime. Mix some borax with water to make a paste. Then leave it on the mold overnight and scrub it really well with a brush in the morning. It will keep the mold from coming back, and your tiles and grout will look much brighter too. You can also use borax out in your yard too. Borax can kill weeds and ants too. You just need to make a thick paste with borax and water then add some of the paste to a spray bottle and add more water to dilute it and spray the weed with it. It will kill the weed right through to the root. If ants are bothering you or getting into your home, you can also get rid of them with borax too. Just mix some borax with sugar and a bit of water and set it out on a dish away from other animals. This will kill not only ants but wasps, cockroaches, flies and other bugs. You can even sprinkle some around your house to keep mice away. You can even use borax with other natural house cleaners like lemon juice to make a paste that will clean up stains in your sinks, tubs and toilets.

Borax is also a great natural house cleaner to use to unclog your sink or shower drain. You just put some borax down the drain and then pour some hot tap water down and allow it to sit in the drain for a while. Then flush the drain with hot water. Not only is borax great for all of these house cleaning tips, but you can also use it for personal care. Using borax for toenail fungus is a great natural way to get rid of the fungus. Use a spoonful of borax, baking soda and water to make a paste and then put it on the toenail and leave it for an hour or as long as possible. The fungus should start to dissipate within a few days. Try out these natural cleaning tips using borax and see how well they work for you.***

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