15 Budget Countertop Ideas

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Are you into Do It Yourself projects for around your home? Well you are in for a treat with these 15 Budget Countertop Ideas. Our kitchen counter tops see a lot of action. We make meals on them sometimes three to four times a day. When it comes to kitchen countertops options that you can purchase from the store, you may find yourself overwhelmed by all of the choices or even by the prices of these choices. There are different types of kitchen countertops options to choose from like linoleum, butcher block, slate, tile, granite, marble, quartzite, concrete and more. Butcher block kitchen counter tops seem to be quite popular right now as the farm style look is very in style at the moment. The butchen block countertops are made out of a large piece of wood that is covered by wood venire of walnut, oak or maple wood. You can get solid maple, walnut or oak, but these would probably cost double the price compared to the venired ones. The granite countertops are also a popular option in homes because they come in such a wide selection of colours and tones. They look very natural and quite shiny and stunning. Granite is quite expensive, but it is worth the money if you want a good quality counter top that will last a lifetime.

But what if you are on a tight budget and it is not in your budget to buy any of these counter top options brand new? You can go to salvage shops where there are left over materials from previous renovations. Or look online to your local craigslist or kijiji where people sell renovation materials all the time. You can get some really good deals if you don't have a particular colour you want and if you have a smaller kitchen that could make use of leftover pieces of kitchen counter top. Or you can check out the awesome ideas from Hometalk and do it yourself. The posts on Hometalk even show you how to make a butcher block counter top darker. Some people buy a lighter colour of butcher block counter from IKEA because it is cheaper and then they stain it a darker colour which looks more striking. There is some great information on how to go about doing this and the results in the photos look great. There is also a tutorial for updating your laminate countertops and making them look like granite or marble. The results actually look pretty convincing and can give you that great marble or granite look without having to splurge on the real deal.

If you like to look of copper in the kitchen, a great kitchen counter DIY is to use pennies to line the counter top in your kitchen. Does it ever look pretty, and you will have the memento of pennies that are no longer in circulation anymore. The counter top is lined with the pennies in a beautiful formation and then sealed with epoxy which gives you your surface that can be wiped clean. It would also be a good idea to wash the pennies first before using them for a project like this too. It doesn't just stop with kitchen counters either, you can also use these tutorials for your bathroom counter top as well. The bathroom counter would be a great place to try out the fun projects like the pennie counter top project or the concrete counter tops. Butcher block counter tops are probably best suited for the kitchen though. Have fun looking through all of the great ideas that Hometalk has over on their website and try one of them out.*

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