15 Cats with Unique Patterns You Will Want to See

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Cats are so adorable! I am a total cat person as you might guess. Here are 15 Cats with Unique Patterns You Will Want to See! With some of these I just couldn't believe my eyes! Some of them look like they might e photo shopped or something... It is always so surprising what nature can come up with, sometimes it seems like its just to show that mother nature has a great sense of humour! These cats will have you awestruck and completely amazed at the different patterns in their coats.

I couldn't believe the moustache ones! It totally looks like some one painted them on these little kitties, but they are in fact all part of their natural coat. There are even some with animal shadow patterns in their fur! Its just too amazing, you have to see it for yourself. I wonder how the people who made this post got all of the photos for this post. These are probably some of the more unique cats in the whole world. My cat I had growing up, had a heart on her shoulder, which I always thought was pretty unique and special. So its pretty neat to see that other cats have something similar too.

Its so fascinating to me how the hairs on a cat or any other animal grow so perfectly to make different patterns or shapes or colours. Like a leopard for example, they have some pretty amazingly intricate patterns, and their DNA just knows and remembers how to do that, biology is pretty awesome! It just knows what to do without anyone telling it what to do!

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