15 Genius Rubber Band Lifehacks to Simplify Your Life

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Use these 15 genius rubber band lifehacks to simplify your life. Rubber bands, also called elastics, can be put to use any number of ways. We sometimes overlook the inexpensive and convenient answers to many problems that rubber bands can provide. This website gives tons of tips and tricks that will help make your daily life easier.

The concept of the rubber band is very old. It has been found to have been in used since at least 1600 BC, more than 3500 years ago. But it was Stephen Perry, an Englishman who realized the rubber band and patented the product in the mid-19th century. Since then, it has gone on to be used every where around the world in many different kinds of uses and surprising places. Rubber bands are generally made from natural rubber. They can be bought in an extraordinary range of sizes and designs, illustrating perhaps, their usefulness for all kinds of purposes.

Most of us know about the rubber band trick to keep our door open. Summer winds, warm as they are, can sometimes mean that door won’t stay ajar to bring that fresh air inside. So a rubber band can be useful to keep the door open.

But did you know that you could buy extra large rubber bands and put them around your cutting board in the kitchen to keep it in place while you chop veggies? It can be very frustrating when the cutting board jumps around or even tips on to the floor when you are trying to get the onions ready for dinner. This simple trick can make life much easier.

This website has lots of similar simple but easy to do tricks that will make your life just a little better more manageable. There are also scores of other things to explore on the site, and it takes only a few minutes of your time to discover many things that can improve your life and home. Why not take a few minutes right now and head on over to DIY & Crafts to see what’s going on there today?

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