15 Strange Kitchen Cleaning Tips that Actually Work

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We could all use a little brushing up on our kitchen cleaning tips, and to add in some new tips that will help make our lives easier. Here are 15 Strange Kitchen Cleaning Tips that Actually Work. No one really loves cleaning their kitchen, but it is a job that has to be done pretty much every day depending on how often you cook and prepare meals in your kitchen at home. The kitchen is probably the one room of the house that needs constant attention. Think of all the messes we make in our kitchens every single day. We prepare food, which requires a bunch of different pots and pans and utensils to create. Then, there are the dishes that are created from eating the meals we prepare. Sometimes it seems like we work so hard to prepare a meal that takes maybe 20 minutes to eat and then we also have to spend more time cleaning afterward as well. Its just one of those things in life that we have to accept and learn how to handle the best we can. Making our cleaning routines easy and efficient can really take a lot of the stress out of doing our household chores. This is why these great household cleaning tips will come in so handy to add to your usual cleaning routine.

When it comes to cleaning your kitchen, first of all, you have to know what kinds of cleaners you prefer to use. As people are becoming more aware of the impact household cleaners have on our environment and our own personal health, people are tending to choose more natural kitchen cleaners and environmentally friendly household cleansers. While you can find a whole line of natural kitchen cleaners at your local health food store or regular grocery store, you can also make them yourself. You can make a great natural cleaner out of water mixed with vinegar. Vinegar works as a great disinfectant and odour neutralizer which makes it perfect for the kitchen. If you need a powder cleanser to clean out your kitchen sink, then a simple mixture of baking soda and water will work wonders in shining up the stainless steel sink in your kitchen. You can also add in some delicious smelling essential oils like lemon or lime, or even an orange essential oil. Some people enjoy mint or lavender essential oils for cleaning purposes as well. And these all natural kitchen cleaners can also extend to cleaning other areas of your home like your bathroom. The vinegar solution works great for cleaning toilets and the powder baking soda cleanser works great for cleaning sinks and bathtubs and shower areas.

But there are some other great kitchen cleaning tips waiting for you on the Expert Home Tips website. You can prevent messes from happening by using a tip like the number one tip on the list. The tip says to line your refrigerator shelves with plastic wrap so that any spills can be cleaned up quickly and effortlessly. Just replace the plastic wrap every couple of weeks or once a month depending on how messy your fridge gets. You could also use some parchment or wax paper in place of the plastic wrap. You can also do something similar in your oven, except don't use plastic wrap or parchment or wax paper, use aluminum foil to cover and protect the bottom of your oven from messes. Again, once in a while just change out the aluminum foil for new aluminum foil for a nice clean oven. There are plenty more household cleaning tips and kitchen cleaning tips in this awesome article from Expert Home Tips, so make sure you check out this great list.*

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