15 Surprising Things You Can Cook In Your Slow Cooker

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Enjoy these 15 Surprising Things You Can Cook In Your Slow Cooker, and learn how to maximize the use of this valuable and useful (yet cheap) kitchen tool. Some of the ideas that are presented in these 15 Surprising Things You Can Cook In Your Slow Cooker may be suited to their own crock pot rather than using the same pot for cooking these items as well as cooking things that you eat. Even though the items are not likely harmful, you might just prefer to dedicate one crock pot to making certain things, and another crock pot that you use for making arts and crafts. That way, you can be sure that you will never accidentally use the wrong crock pot and possibly put something in to a crock pot that you use for making food that you eat, as opposed to a crock pot that you use for arts and crafts with the kids. And, fortunately, this piece of kitchen equipment is cheap enough that you can easily afford to own two or even three or more. That is because, in part, you can often buy this piece of equipment used at the second hand shop or at garage sales. For some reason, it seems that every garage sale has a crock pot up for sale. When you see one, grab it. They are rarely broken, and can come in handy for some of these 15 Surprising Things You Can Cook In Your Slow Cooker. You will be so glad that you did.

The slow cooker, which is also called a crock pot depending on the region where you live, is a great invention. It comes out of the Jewish tradition of turning off the ovens when they were heated by fire (coal, often). According to tradition, the ovens were turned off completely, and no meals could be prepared on their holy day, the Sabbath. In order to have food that was cooked in the home for that Sabbath day, the housewives left their food by the dying embers of the ovens to cook during the night. The results were quite spectacular, resulting in well cooked, delicious and nutritious foods and meals. In the early twentieth century, the crock pot was developed following this method of putting food on a low heat to cook for a long period of time. Since it first entered the market place, this kitchen implement has enjoyed plenty of sales and lots of popularity. So it is not surprising, really, to find that more and more things are being prepared in this handy kitchen gadget. You can make many things using this kitchen tool, and because it is cheap to buy, get two!

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