16 Creamy and Comforting Fluff Salads

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Dessert recipes can vary from the easy to the more complicated. This list of fluff salad recipes from Tracey are easy and fun desserts. Comfort desserts like these are great for those days when you want a quick snack that is both easy and wonderful dessert recipes. Tracey gives us 16 different ways to pair whipped cream along with marshmallows and fruit together to make a great many additions to your comfort desserts list. These fun desserts are great and most of the ingredients are ones that most bakers will have in their pantries and fridges. Even if you are not a seasoned baker or cook these easy and fun desserts can make your diners think they were in a fancy restaurant and being served a decadent dessert.

That is how easy these recipes are and if you consider all the different recipes that Tracey is giving us to choose from we have many opportunities to add our own creativity and make every diner in your home happy. These recipes will give all the fruit and nuts in your home a place to mix into and make that dessert your own design and end product. Never feel that these recipes are set in stone and always add the ingredients you feel good about and if you are not a fan of anything that the recipe calls for then take the initiative and add your own ingredients.

Fluff salads are a fairly new way to combine fruit with nuts in a salad that can be great at any time of year and can go with just about any meal as well. The first known and documented version of a fluff salad is from San Francisco in 1910 when a Golden Gate salad was one of the first to be published. It is a mix of jello and crushed pineapples. There was no whipped cream or marshmallows in the recipe but it was the basis for the many and varied ones we have seen since then. The most famous or infamous fluff salad is a take on the original. It has the crushed pineapples and substituted the jello for a pistachio pudding and the marshmallows and whipped cream make an appearance. This salad is said to have been created by the sous chef at the famous Watergate hotel. It was not directly or indirectly attached to the now famous Presidential scandal that happened at the very same hotel. The scandal did help to propel the Watergate salad into the limelight and it is probably the most famous fluff salad ever made.

You never know that if you were to create a fluff salad of your own and gave it a great name that it might be the next big thing in the culinary and real world. Thanks to Tracey of The Kitchen is My Playground Blog for this yummy 16 Creamy and Comforting Fluff Salad Recipes. Anytime you want a quick snack then take a look at these 16 different ones and close your eyes and pick one and make your place in history. Bon apetit.**

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