16 LifeHacks to Make Your Life Easier

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If you are no stranger to the social media platforms of the world wide web, then this will not be the first time that you read about life hacks. With so much being posted on life hacks, kitchen hacks, garden hacks and so on, let us look at the history of this word.

The term 'hack' has always been a common but ambiguous word in the 'geek' community, particularly to those dealing with open source software. The dirty definition of hack is to cut with rough an heavy blows...and in the internet programming community referred to writing quick and dirty scripts.

More recently, the term life hack is meant to describe solutions to life problems (unrelated to computers). In 2011, the word lifehack was voted as runner up for one of the most useful words of 2005.

Well today we want to share with you some life hacks that will help you out in our non digital life. These go from the super basic ('duh') ones that you could have thought of yourself, to more intricate and shall we say ingenious ideas?

For example, does it bug you when your iPhone charger is always lying on the floor? How about that terrible annoyance of hardened brown sugar!? What about when you do not want your apples to go brown in your lunchbox. Or, perhaps you do not have any of these issues but just want some great ideas to make your life all better, like regrowing onion bases or hanging your jeans in a fashionable and handy way.

My favorite for today though, is related to your iPhone and is # 10 on the list, so go and check it out at the 'Diply' website.

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