17 Recipes to remind you of Traditional Irish food

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Traditional Irish food and Irish recipes are somewhat incorporated into the North American lifestyle. Since so many people from Ireland immigrated to the United States and Canada, many of the traditional Irish food recipes have been passed down from generation to generation as time honoured recipes that are enjoyed all over North America now. Irish food and Irish recipes tend to have a very hearty quality to them. The recipes seem to use potatoes and grains a lot as a way to fill you up in an affordable way. Many people like to eat these Irish dishes for St. Patrick day and in the United States dishes like corned beef and cabbage and soda bread recipes. But these recipes don't have to be limited to simply being Irish dishes for St. Patrick day, they can definitely be recipes that you can enjoy all year round.

Bread is definitely seen as one of the staples of Irish food, and there are so many great traditional Irish food bread recipes that you can try out from Serious Eats. Bread is a great recipe to make to add as a side to any meal or snack as it can usually go with pretty much anything. The other reason people like to make bread recipes is that they are cheap to make and fill people up. On the Serious Eats website, they have some great traditional Irish food recipes for Irish brown bread, Irish morning bread, Soda bread with dried cranberries as well as a gluten free soda bread which would be awesome for anyone who is gluten intolerant. There are also very hearty traditional Irish food recipes that you can see in the mix of Irish dishes for St. Patrick day, like Cottage Pie with Shallot and Sherry, which is like what most people in North America might know as a Shepard's Pie with meat, potatoes and vegetables all as a casserole recipe.

Other Irish dishes for St. Patrick day include a recipe for Pork and Guinness Hand Pies, which consist of a lovely flaky pastry with pork that has been flavoured with Guinness dark beer, a favourite in Ireland, and mixed with bits of dried cherries. They are made into little pies much like a samosa or a hot pocket and they look so yummy. Another recipe in the list of Irish dishes for St. Patrick day is a recipe called Crubeens and Cabbage, which is actually pigs feet that have been broiled and then deep fried. They also call the pigs feet trotters, and they can sometimes be wrapped in bacon for a more modern approach to a traditional Irish food recipe. Of course, what would a traditional Irish food list be without potatoes, otherwise known as taters?

In this list of great Irish dishes for St. Patrick day, there are a few different types of potato recipes that all look really yummy. You have the traditional ultra fluffy mashed potato recipe that takes boiled potatoes and whips them up with cream until they are super smooth and creamy. Then there are the lovely golden brown ultra crispy roast potatoes that look super yummy, as well as crispy smashed potatoes that have been roasted in the oven and then flattened, and then roasted again to crisp them up. These would be really fun to make as well. So be sure to check out all of the recipes on Serious Eats and enjoy your Irish dishes for St. Patrick Day or anytime of the year. Thank you to the folks over at Serious Eats for these 17 Recipes to remind you of traditional Irish food. **

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