17 Super Easy Sangrias To Make This Summer

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Sangria just screams summer time like no other drink! Here is a list of 17 Super Easy Sangrias To Make This Summer. Sangria has to be one of my favourite summer drinks. I remember the first time I tried it in Spain before it got really popular over in North America, and I just loved it! Over in Spain, they sell it by the carton, premixed, which is nice, but it was pretty sweet too. I still enjoyed it none the less, it was something new and I was excited to find it! Since I came back, I would always make it for friends and they would just love it too.

It's relatively easy to make, all you need is a super cheap wine, the cheaper the better because you aren't going to taste the actual flavours of the wine so much anyway. You add a bunch of other liquids so you don't even notice if it is cheap or not. I always think it's a great way to not waste wine you have bought and don't like. Just turn it into something else! Sangria means bloodletting, because it looks like blood. It is native to Spain and Portugal, but other places enjoy it too, in Mexico, and South America.

Just like you will see in this list there are many different recipes for sangria, and different ways to make it! You can have it with red wine, which is the more traditional way, or you can have it with white wine, which isn't traditional, but it's a great idea! There are lots of variations of the recipe, and on this list there are even 3 ingredient Sangrias. Which are just soda, fruit and wine. I like it, the simpler, the better! If you love sangria, you will love this list! Check it out on 'Buzz Feed' by clicking the link in the description below for more sangria inspiration!

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