19 Smart Solutions for Around the House

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We all love to have a tidy and clean home to live in, but for a lot of people sometimes it's hard to maintain all the time, especially if you are a busy person with lots to do. Here is a great list of 19 Smart Solutions for Around the House! Let's face it, life can get really busy at times, and sometimes it's just easier to do it the easier way and throw a purse on the floor or all of your mail supplies in a heap in a drawer and just forget about it, but if you take a few extra moments to organize, life can be made a lot simpler and more efficient!

There are SO many awesome little tips and tricks in this article from Good House Keeping, you will just love all of them so much! I have tried a few too actually, and they do work! Like putting your cell phone or music player in a glass if you don't have speakers, it totally amplifies the sound, I did it when I was hanging out with some friends and they were so shocked at how much of a difference it made. Or the little clips for organizing charger chords, I use those little things for a lot of things around the house actually.

There are some that I would like to try out too, like dusting with a sock that you don't have a match for, or the chalk board on the inside of the cabinet for writing memos and lists. I love the tea display one too! It looks so pretty and is a great way to show your friends who come for a cup of tea which kinds you have for them to try! This is definitely a post to pin on Pintrest! Head over to 'Good House Keeping' by following the link in the section below for more of these great household tips!

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