192sqft One Room Cabin plus Bath Is $21,800 for the Complete Package ...

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If you are looking to buy a retreat space, consider this tiny cabin. This charming one room cabin plus bath is 192sqft, a perfect getaway that includes everything your loved ones need. It’s quick to build and creates a rustic vacation home setting amidst the outdoors to enjoy the much needed quiet time. In this cabin space you get a porch to sit and relax, a closet sized room with just the right amount of space and storage space to keep your supplies. An estimated time of 3-4 weekends is all you require to build your own log cabin together. Within their “Recreational Series,” you will see four other model homes that are more spacious and range between $ 25,000 and $37,600.

Even though this cabin looks tiny on the outside, it is unbelievable at how many things can be packed into the storage space. Coventry Log Homes has designed this cozy holiday home as part of their “Recreational Series.” At its smallest of the “Recreational Series,” this cabin-style mini home comes in at four by eight feet. This particular concept of tiny house design is however not intended for full-time residential use as they may not meet the residential codes within your area of living. For more information on the regulations in your area of residence, you could check with your local and state officials. There are instructions provided with each log home package that will help you in building log cabin which will save you the money you would have to spend otherwise.

If you purchase the pre-cut log package, you will receive the logs which you can assemble yourself. This option is the most affordable tiny house cost at $12,950. Alternatively, if you want to purchase the 4x8’ package, which includes everything you would require, it will cost $19,250. The 6x8’ which is a complete package includes floor, roof, porch, log wall, loft, windows, exterior doors, interior walls, interior doors will cost you $21,800. The trend of owning small log homes is growing in popularity each year which makes companies like Coventry Log Homes thrive year upon year. The company is a family owned business located in Woodsville, New Hampshire, has been in business for over twenty years. You will find over 60 models that are categorized under five sections namely: the Craftsman, Tradesman, Cabin, Recreational Camp Series and garages. You can customize and choose from any category that suits your needs. Whether you desire a vacation home to get away from the monotony of life or want to live in a log home all year round, Coventry Log Homes is an excellent company to choose.

This log home is the perfect way for you to design your home if you are looking for a place to spend somewhere quiet and rejuvenate. If you have any queries about this vacation home, you can contact Coventry Log Homes through telephone or the email address that’s provided on their website or visit their sales office in Woodsville, New Hampshire

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