2 Ingredient Cake Mix Desserts You Will Love

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Need a quick and very very easy (like foolproof easy) recipe for tonight? Have a birthday or party tonight and you want to whip something up without spending too much time shopping, thinking or preparing?

These recipes are super great for that sort of thing, because they simply require cake mix and 1 other ingredients for a few different fun flavors and textures. Usually when you buy a cake mix you have to mix it was oil, eggs and sometimes even more! Have you ever tried skipping everything that you know and trying cake mix with soda? How about cake mix with apple sauce?

Each of these recipes are quite specific, but of course you can branch out, for example, the apple sauce is best mixed with the yellow cake mix. The Diet soda is best with yellow cake mix too! The pumpkin pie cake is great with chocolate cake. The egg carton eggs are great with yellow cake mix, and then Greek yogurt is super yummy with chocolate.

Feel free to get creative though with whatever you have in the cupboard, and play around the the icing and decoration to make it even more fun. You can make a yogurt style frosting, or go down to the dollar store and find some sour candy coke bottles for the cake made with the diet soda. For the apple sauce cake, try a sprinkle of cinnamon and some apple cut creatively decorating the sides of the plate.

All these cakes are baked just like a regular cake, generally at 350 degree F. If you are taking this cake for a last minute event, bake it in an aluminum cake pan so you have easy clean up and can leave the pan for your friend.

For the recipes for these easy fun cakes head on over to the 'Hungry Girl' website link below.

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