2 Ingredient Fluffy Chocolate Buttercream

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Make this 2 Ingredient Fluffy Chocolate Buttercream in just minutes with this easy peasy recipe. Of course, the amount of butter contained in this buttercream recipe may stop your heart, but try it any way on your next best chocolate cake. This combination of ingredients is fabulous. As well, if you are going to do all the blending and beating that this buttercream frosting recipe requires, you might as well be sure to use a really good chocolate, too. There is just no point in doing all of this work and then using a cheap chocolate. So get good chips, and have a go at this terrific blend of just two ingredients!

Frosting is always fun to make, and always delicious to put on cakes, cupcakes and even cookies. And there are as many ways to make frosting as there are to make cakes and cookies. Some frostings are considered a glaze. A glaze can sometimes be cooked, but is also often a very simple blend of icing sugar and some liquid. The liquid can vary considerably from things such as lemon juice or orange juice (or apple juice, pineapple juice, and so on) or you sometimes melt the icing sugar and add butter and other sugars for a more complex flavor in the glaze. A frosting can also have lots of variation. Sometimes a frosting can be made by cooking it on the stove top and then adding in the sugar or the butter. For example, a French icing begins with a milk roux and the butter is whipped in to the roux after it has been cooked and thickens. There are just so many different ways to make frosting. A simple frosting can start with butter, add icing sugar, and then cream or sometimes milk, to get to the right consistency. So there are as many ways to make frosting and glazes as there are lovely desserts to put them on.

This particular buttercream recipe will ensure a very smooth result. One of the challenges when you make a buttercream recipe using butter and icing sugar and then adding a liquid (such as cream or half and half) is that the butter and icing sugar can sometimes have a slightly grainy or granular quality if the butter and icing sugar are not really well whipped together. In this particular buttercream recipe, the blend of butter and chocolate chips will avoid this issue. So it is a great recipe for that purpose. On the other hand, you will have to melt the chocolate chips and be sure they are cool enough to not melt the butter when you blend the chocolate in to it. Enjoy this great recipe soon!

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