2 Ingredient Non Toxic Wood Polish

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This simple recipe for two ingredients nontoxic wood polish is an eco-friendly cleaner that you will always want to have on hand. This nontoxic wood polish can be used on butcher block counter tops, cutting boards, wooden bowls and utensils, wooden ladles and wooden cooking spoons, wooden toys, and blocks, wooden table and chairs and so much more. This nontoxic cleaner is super quick and easy to make, and it works great. You can even use this nontoxic wood polish to seal and stain wood; it will help to protect the look and the color of previously stained wood. This nontoxic polish will also help to prevent staining, drying, and cracking of wood as well. Some of the tools you will need to make this nontoxic polish include a medium pot, a glass bowl or pyrex measuring cup to fit inside the pot, a glass jar with a lid for the wood polish and a spoon for stirring. The nice thing about this eco-friendly cleaning supplies is that both of the ingredients used are safe and nontoxic, so you don’t have to worry about using the polish around the kids or pets. This polish is safe enough to eat, not that you want to, but you can feel good about using it in your home. This wood polish also doubles as a healing salve for rough, dry hands and feet. This wood polish keeps for about a year if you keep it stored in a cool, dry place with the lid on.

Another nontoxic cleaner you can easily make at home is a DIY laundry detergent. To make your laundry detergent, you only need three simple ingredients. You can make either powdered laundry detergent or liquid laundry soap, whichever you prefer. For the liquid laundry soap recipe, you will need some washing soda which is easy to find at most grocery stores, some Borax, and a bar of soap (pick something you like the smell of). For the bar soap, you can use Ivory soap, Dr. Bronner's, or any other natural, unscented or scented bar soap. You can also add some baking soda to the laundry detergent recipe to help freshen your clothes. To make the DIY laundry detergent you start by grating the bar of soap or you can put it in a food processor until it is finely ground up. In a large bowl mix two parts of the Borax with two parts of the washing soda, to one part of the grated bar of soap. You can also add a few a few teaspoons of baking soda for extra cleaning power if you like. Store in a large mason jar in your laundry room.

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