2 Ingredient Pumpkin Brownies

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When you see something that is a dessert and it has only 2 ingredients in it you can guess that at least one of them is a commercial box mix as in this 2 Ingredient Pumpkin Brownies. You can just add the pumpkin puree to any box mix for brownies that you enjoy, bake it up and you are done. Easy peasy. There is also a recipe for a frosting that includes some pumpkin spice if you like a spicy topping on your pumpkin brownies.

Pumpkin puree adds plenty of good nutrition to this brownie box mix. Pumpkin is loaded with lots of fiber, a component that we are often missing in today’s diets, as well as plenty of vitamin A, an important component to good eye sight. Pumpkin is low in calories and fats and packs a lot of fiber for its calorie count so it may also help in weight loss. Here it gives a more robust texture to the brownies, as well as really terrific flavor. Because the pumpkin is blended right in to the brownie mix, this dish will be a surprise when people bit in to what they expect is a chocolate to discover pumpkin in the blend.

This recipe is a great one to go for when you have fallen behind in preparing dinner. New cooks and bakers can try these ones since it is really a dump recipe, but super easy. That means you just dump all the ingredients in to a bowl, and then stir it well. So try this dessert or snack today and see how you and the kids like the chocolate and pumpkin combination. It is a great texture and the spice is wonderful against the chocolate (but you decide).

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