2 Ingredients to Clean your Dirty Iron

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This natural cleaning idea on how to Clean an Iron with Vinegar and Baking Soda is just the thing you need to get your iron looking like new again. The iron isn't always one of those things you think about cleaning until you go to use it, and you notice it's not looking as good as it used to. Unless of course you are using it all the time, but for many it's one of those things that only comes out every so often. This natural cleaning idea uses ingredients you are likely to have already in your home, and you can feel good about using your iron again. You want your iron to have a clean surface, so it doesn't dirty your clothes. Also, you will find that your iron works better if the surface is shiny and clean. This natural cleaning solutions idea will give new life to your old iron.

For this natural cleaning idea, you simply drench a paper towel in some white distilled vinegar and then lay the iron on it for at least five minutes. You can then start rubbing the surface of the iron, and you will see more crud come off. It will depend on how dirty your iron is; you may need to use a little more elbow grease to get off the grime. This is where the baking soda comes in; you can put some baking soda on top of the drenched paper towel, and then place the iron on top of it and start ironing with the iron off so to scrub away the dirt. You will be amazed at how the dirt and grime come right of. The baking soda powder acts as an abrasive and scrubs the stubborn stains stuff right off the iron surface. Once it's all clean, you can put your iron on the steam setting, and the baking soda that got stuck in the holes will start to come out. Baking soda can be used as a natural cleaning product for all sorts of home cleaning projects. Baking soda also known as sodium bicarbonate is a common ingredient that you will find in most pantries that can be used for an all-purpose, natural cleaning solutions. Baking soda is very effective at removing stains, and can also be used as a mild scouring tool for pots, pans, and sinks. Baking soda can neutralize the acid and soften hard water. White distilled vinegar can also be used as a natural cleaning product for all sorts of natural cleaning solutions.

White distilled vinegar has a wide range of cleaning solutions and uses such as removing odors from rooms, cleaning light fixtures in your bathrooms and kitchen, removing spills and stains from carpets, cleaning windows, and so much more. White distilled vinegar is also an eco-friendly cleaning supply and nontoxic cleaners that are good for removing odors. You can use white distilled vinegar as an all natural home cleaning product by placing an open bowl of white distilled vinegar in any room in the house where there might be bad odors at nighttime. In the morning, you can then remove the bowl from the room where the smell was, and the room should smell clean again. Thank you to Alicia for sharing this natural cleaning idea for a clean iron with vinegar and baking soda is just one of the natural cleaning solutions you will find on the "Thrifty and Chic" site. Other ideas you will find on the site include DIY projects, home craft ideas, house decorating ideas, and so much more. You will also find natural cleaners, natural cleaning solutions, and natural cleaning product ideas. *

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