20 Genius Summer Lifehacks That Will Blow Your Mind

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Here are 20 genius summer lifehacks that will blow your mind. They will also make your summer cooler, fresher, and more enjoyable, and keep the kids happy, too (most important). In the summer, we can get really cranky when it gets too hot. Many of these tips help us keep the drinks and us! cool without much work. Too often we forget to put the juice or pop into the fridge and if we don’t have an icemaker or have forgotten to turn it on, we are stuck with hot drink. No one is happy. Find out how you can make a drink cold in moments with this surprising trick . . . as the title says, it’s a lifehack that will blow your mind. It’s also lots of fun to show the kids, and teaches them a little bit about chemistry as it is applied to real life.

Summer time is also a time when we are at the beach even if we have a pool in the back yard. So check out the tips on how to make that trip more comfortable and convenient and how to put together pool packs that minimize how much stuff you have to carry, and how to carry it more compactly and easily. There are even instructions on how to make a portable air conditioner for just eight bucks. Seriously. Check it out.

There are tips on how to naturally lighten your hair, keep cold treats from melting all over the place, what you can use for sunburn and have handy whenever you need it and plenty of other cheap, reasonable, tips and tricks that will make summer a much better time for everyone. Check out this website today for this series of tips and many others that you can use to make things work better and more smoothly in and around your home.

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