21 Crock Pot Dump Dinners For Winter

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Crock pots are the ultimate kitchen appliance for creating the best warm, home-cooked meals. The warm, hearty foods we prepare in our crock pots are very welcome in the winter time when the temperatures drop. There's nothing like a warm, meal to comfort you and heat you up from the inside. Plus, the aroma of simmering food and spices is enough to make anyone happy. Crock pots are wonderful for busy people and families, so it's no surprise to see one in every family home. These easy and healthy crock pot recipes are so great because there is very little prep work to be done. All you need to do is dump all of the ingredients into the crock pot and let it cook all day long. You'll come home to the scent of delicious food cooking in your crock pot, and it will all be ready for you and your family to enjoy as soon as you get in the door. The crock pot was invented by a man who was inspired by a Jewish recipe his grandmother used to make called cholent, which cooked in an oven for several hours. He decided to create a device that was portable that could safely and easily cook food over a long period of time on a low temperature, just like his grandmother cooked cholent.

Crock pots gained popularity in the 1970s when women started working outside of the home. Families needed an easy way to cook meals and so they brought a crock pot into their kitchen to make things easier. The crock pot was very popular until the 80s when the microwave came out and was very popular. But now, crock pots are back and more popular than ever. It's super easy to find crock pot recipes online like this list of crock pot recipes from Buzz Feed. If you think that crock pot recipes all involve meat, you'd be surprised by how many vegetarian and vegan crock pot recipes there are out there. On this list, you'll find easy and healthy crock pot recipes that your whole family will totally love. Some of the vegetarian recipes in this list include a vegetarian chili that you make in the crock pot. All of the flavours simmering all day long on the low temperature create a rich flavour, probably some of the best chilli you've ever had. You can even try making a vegan chickpea and coconut curry that looks delicious. Serve over some nic brown rice, and you've got yourself a great hearty meal.

You can even use leftover meat in your crock pot recipes like the shredded chicken for burritos or salads. Just shred up some leftover chicken breast and use it for this meal. It's great to start off the week with a whole roasted chicken, preferably organic, pasture-raised chicken that's been humanely raised. Then you can use the leftover chicken in all of the recipes. Then you just dump all of the other ingredients like chilli powder, tomatoes and other veggies into the pot and stir and then let it simmer on a low temperature all day. You can also make soups in your crock pot too. There are creamy soups that you'll have to blend and soups with broths like a minestrone soup that looks really yummy. Did you know that you can also make desserts in your crock pot? They don't have any of those recipes on this list, but you can definitely find them elsewhere online. Try out the recipes that appeal most to you and see which ones end up being your favourites.***

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