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If you can imagine yourself curled up in front of the fire gazing out over the lake, the Lake Cabin log home kit might just be for you. In this beautiful cabin kit for sale, the cabin comes with a full porch, a large shed style dormer, and two lofts for sleeping. The custom wood cabin kits range in price. The Lake Cabin log home kit is built out of insulated SIP panels. The basic wood cabin is pre-built by the Amish and shipped to the building site. Included in the log home kit is the 36-inch entry door, four to six single-hung, double-insulated vinyl windows, the 3/8 inch rigid floor insulation, SIP walls and roof which provide the highest insulation and structural values. All of the wood cabins on the site are customizable.

In the Lake, Cabin log home kit is the SIP panels for the walls and the roof which provide your structural insulation and the sheer for the wood cabin. The wood cabin is built with white pine tongue and groove flooring, the exterior of the log home kit also uses white tongue and groove and groove D-log siding. The wood cabin kit also includes the house wrap and roof felt baked-on enamel metal roof in your choice of colors, tongue and groove interior finished walls, with tongue and groove ceiling rafters and ridge beam structure for the roof UV and watershed stain for the xterior wood protection.

Structural insulated panels which are also known as SIP's are used in the floor and roof for this cabin kit for sale. SIPs can be used in the floors, walls, and the roof to help provide an extremely strong, durable, and energy-efficient high-performance building material. Structural Insulated Panels or SIP's are usually made by a plastic foam rigid insulation that is sandwiched between two structural surfaces such as oriented strand boards. These SIP panels are typically manufactured in various dimensions and sizes with thickness' that vary between four to eight inches.

Using SIP panels for this log home kit offers plenty of benefits. Some of the overall benefits of the panels in log home kits and cabin kits for sale is that higher R-values can be obtained. The insulation that is offered by the SIPs is superior when compared to the use of studs or traditional types of construction methods. SIPs can also offer energy savings anywhere from about 12 percent to 14 percent. Using SIPs can also help to build a more air-tight wood cabin that results in a quieter and more comfortable wood cabin. Using SIPs in wood cabin builds also helps to reduce the amounts of waste and labor in your log home building process. The Lake Cabin log home kit is just one of the wood cabins you will find on the Green Garden Chicken site. On the site, you will find other cabin kits for sale, wood cabin kits for sale, garden and outdoors, solar and wind kits, off-grid solar kits and so much more. **

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