22,000 for the Courtyard Cabin Kit

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The Courtyard log cabin package is a 257 square foot, three room cabin building that starts at $22,000. The Courtyard Cabin Kit is made of high-quality timber and can be enjoyed year-round. This lovely cabin building can accommodate any thing that your imagination will allow. Whether it be a gym, a backyard home office, a pool house, a guest house, a writers retreat, an artist’s studio, hunting or fishing cabin, man cave and more. What's even better is that most of the work has been done for you, in a quality log cabin package that has most of the essentials for your cabin building. All of the log cabin packages are designed for do-it-yourself assembly that can usually be completed by two adults in about a week or two.

These quality cabin buildings are one of the most environmentally friendly log home kits that are available on the market. The log home company is committed to protecting the environment and using trees that come from sustainable forests. Five trees are replanted for every tree that is harvested, so that means that there will be trees for future generations. For the Courtyard log home kit, there is no interior finishing needed. The cabin building is built out of durable, dense grain wood, that is slow grown Nordic Spruce. The log home kit has an optional covered terrace, all of the floor and roof construction materials included. Pre-hung and glazed door and windows, along with pre- assembled gables, and all of the nails, screws, fixings, handles and door lock included. The log home kits come with easy to follow instructions

Using wood for this log home kit design is a good way to help benefit the environment. Using the right wood is also a way to help to store carbon. Trees and log home kits have a unique ability that allows them to store carbon. As the tree grows, the tree takes in carbon from the atmosphere. When the trees and the logs are later harvested and used to make cabin buildings and log home kits, the carbon remains stored in the logs and wood for the entire life of the wood product. Wood is also good for both health and well being. Exposure to wood found in log home kits, along with wooden furniture and fittings has both real and measurable health and well-being benefits. Wooden building materials found in your log home kit also helps to lower your heart rate and stress responses, along with helping to encourage greater interaction between people. A log home kit offers many benefits from the time you will enjoy staying in the home, to the wood being a good choice in building materials. Wood is a good option for log home kits and because it is being used instead of materials like aluminium, steel, plastics, or concrete building materials fewer amounts of energy are used to produce the home.

The Courtyard log cabin package can be found on the Green Garden Chicken site. On the site you will find other log home kits, cabin buildings, solar and wind, off-grid solar kits, grid tie solar kits, garden and outdoor and more. **

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