24 Handmade Christmas Ornaments

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It's that time of year again when you start thinking about all the fun diy projects that you can do with family and friends. You will fall in love with these 24 handmade Christmas Ornaments that use a variety of craft materials and ideas to get your Christmas tree looking wonderful. The nice thing about these handmade Christmas ornament ideas is that they are easy to make, and chances are you'll already have some of the dos it yourself crafts materials around the house. These diy crafts for home are creative and a great way to make holiday memories.

1. Wood Slice Christmas Ornaments

2. Hot cocoa Christmas ornaments that use mini marshmallows, cocoa, and sprinkles.

3. How to make an easy sail boat Christmas ornament with a driftwood boat and sails.

4. Handmade Christmas ornament to make in a day that uses cut out musical sheets or book pages.

5. Hawaii photo ornaments that use simple photos with a colored background.

6. Snowman handmade Christmas ornaments that use paper or plastic plates.

7. Mason jar lid fun and easy diys Christmas ornaments.

8. Wooden snowflake do it yoursel crafts for the tree.

9. Oven bake clay adorable Christmas ornaments.

10. Joyous handmade Christmas ornaments.

11. Origami Christmas tree ornament with colorful yarn do it yourself craft.

12. How to make easy Christmas wreath ornaments for the tree.

13. Lovely Victorian ribbon angel ornament.

14. Do it yourself crafts that use wooden thread spool for Christmas tree ornaments.

15. Fun and easy diys for birch wood tree Christmas ornaments.

16. Rustic wood painted Christmas ornament.

17. Do it yourself crafts for a famiy rustic monogram Christmas ornament with burlap.

18. Fun and easy diy idea for a woodland elf Christmas ornament with acorns, felt and sticks for an adorable ornament the kids will love. This do it yourself craft is a good excuse to get outdoors with family and friends and gather up some craft materials for this easy to make craft.

19. Do it yourself craft nativity ornament with driftwood, felt and simple peanut shells.

20. Fun and easy diy embroidery hoop Santa Christmas ornament that is easy and inexpensive to make.

21. A diy craft for home that depicts the birth of Christ in a beautiful Christmas ornament the whole family will love.

22. A do it yourself craft for a rustic glitter Christmas ornament you will love.

23. A do it yourself Christmas ornament that has Wow factor using pine cones, pine needle branches, berries and colorful Christmas ribbon that you also might consider giving for gifts.

24. This do it yourself craft project is one the kids will especially love with a hungry hippo that is holding gifts. This do it yourself project is a great one for the kids to get involved in, a good way to keep them busy over the Christmas holidays with a craft they will love.

These are just a few of the do it yourself crafts you will find on the Domestically Speaking site. Other fun diy projects you will find include diy and how to's, home decor, recipes,burlap, paint and so much more. **

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