24ft x 8.6ft Fuchsia House with outstanding handcrafted detailing!

Photo Credit: Zyl Vardos

Finding your perfect tiny house design is a lot easier when you browse through small house design ideas. The internet is the ideal place to check out all of the new tiny house designs as well as unique companies building one of a kind custom tiny houses. Zyl Vardos is one of those wonderful companies and even though they are not taking any more new customers at this time, they have a ton of great tiny houses to look at like this 24 foot by 8.6-foot tiny house called the Fuchsia House and other designs on their models and pricing page. This tiny house weighs 10,200 pounds and is built on a steel trailer to make moving the tiny house easy. If you really want your tiny house built by Zyl Vardos, you can keep checking back to see if they are taking any new customers, but until then you can be inspired by their amazing designs. They have several different models, but each of them is customizable so no two houses will end up looking the same. So even if you don't want to create your own design from scratch, you can customize a design from a tiny house builder to make it all your own. Usually, the plans that are tailored to the individual's needs instead of custom created from scratch are a bit more affordable. Creating a small house design from square one will cost as much as 15% more than choosing to customize a model that exists in their collection already.

If you're wondering about pricing on these tiny houses, all of the information is on the models and pricing page. For example, the Fuchsia House starts at around $95,000 US for everything you see in the photos of it. This could be higher or lower depending on the different finishes and fixtures that are added though. You can also get a rough estimate of a tiny house build by taking the length of the tiny house design you plan to build and then multiply that by $1,000 for a shell and $2,000 for a fully finished home. So a shell for a 24-foot long small house design would start at around $24,000, and for a complete home that was ready for small house living, you would be looking at around $48,000. This doesn't include the trailer though which can vary in price depending on where you live and what size of trailer you want.

What makes the Zyl Vardo tiny houses so unique is that they are all handcrafted in the style of old Vardos or Caravans. Instead of using squared corners and lines, they use curved lines and arches. They are also crafted out of high-quality cedar wood which looks amazing, and it also stands up to all different kinds of weather and pests. They usually add in high-quality kitchen appliances and heating units with butcher block countertops. Some of their small house designs even have stylish and functional concrete showers with pebble tiled bathroom floors. This company also makes their own doors and windows too which is very impressive. Wooden floors and siding on the inside are also features of these small houses as well as spacious lofts with high ceilings. It's always great to add a loft to your tiny house design since you'll quickly realize you need all the additional space you can get. Storage and organization play major roles in a positive small house living experience so always be sure you implement lots of that into your designs when you're planning your tiny house on wheels. Enjoy having a look at and getting inspired by these wonderful tiny houses.***

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