25 Forgotten and Overlooked Places when Cleaning Your Home

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With everyone all abuzz with spring cleaning, wanting to get these after winter chores out of the way before the hot days of summer hit, we have a little list of 25 Forgotten and Overlooked Places that may be happening when Cleaning Your Home.

You may be chuckling right now and say, well, if I can't see it, then maybe I don't really want to know about them. Feels clean enough to me! Let us uncover the spots and see, perhaps you already did them.

1. Bags and Purses

Your favorite bag or purse may have stains or marks on it that make it look pretty ratty and the inside of it could be filled with hair pins, bits of paper, and so much stuff you don't even know what is there. We know the purse has nothing to do with the house, but you use it all the time and this favorite bag deserves some attention to.

2. Bathroom Curtains And Blinds

You may have though to do the blinds, but did you also remember to give the curtains a wash on the back side and down around the bottoms?

3. Cabinets and Closet Shelves

So often you are busy, and you fold whatever needs folding and arrange things nicely on the shelves, but don't forget that dust settles everywhere and on everything, so giving the tops of all cabinets and shelves a dusting will assure they have had a complete cleaning.

4. Ceiling and Walls

Ceilings are up high, so they are often ignored, but if you take a good look at them you will see that spiders love to make cobwebs in the corners, along the edges and even in the ceiling, especially if there is stucco on them. Using a soft brush attachment on a vacuum cleaner works, or you can put a dusting cloth on the end of a broom to get this taken care of.

That's Just Four!! You are no doubt curious what the other 21 of them are. Please be redirected by clicking on 'The Samantics' website link just below.

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