25 Herbs, Vegetables and Plants You Can Grow In Water

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Have you always wanted to grow your own herb garden, but didn’t know where to start? Live in a small suite with no outdoor space? For anyone who would love to start saving money on produce and spices, here are 25 herbs, vegetables, and plants you can simply grow in water.

Growing your own garden is a common dream that many of us have, but we don’t always know how to go about it. These days, most of us tend to live in apartments in cities, and don’t have access to country living or the great outdoors – those wondrous places where plants can grow. That’s why it’s so heartening to know you can grow your own gardens in a sunny window, simply using cuttings and a few glass bottles and bowls. One of the first things you can do is to start re-growing vegetables you’ve brought home from the grocery store. Imagine how much cash you'll save if you don’t have to keep buying celery, ginger, and lettuce every week. Be sure to buy organic produce for this DIY indoor garden project, and you may never have to buy these items ever again. For lettuce, simply save the bottom stalk and a few leaves, then “plant” them in a bowl with a little filtered water. Place the bowl in a sun-filled window and check the water content every day, adding more as needed.

Before long, you’ll notice roots growing, and once that happens, the magic begins. New leaves will begin to fill out your lettuce bundle and soon you’ll be ready to use it for your salad again. Another great vegetable you can re-grow is celery. Again, just save the base of your celery stalk bundle and place it in a small bowl with some warm water. Place it in a sunny nook for a few days, and soon you’ll start to notice the leaves filling out around the base. At this point, you’ll want to plant your celery in a pot with organic soil so it can grow to its full capacity. Finally, you know those big avocado seeds that seem to annoy people because they take up most of the fruit? Well, did you know you can actually plant those huge seeds and grow your own avocado? Simply wash the seed once you’ve plucked it out.

Get a jar and two toothpicks and fill the jar with water. Suspend the avocado seed over the water with the toothpicks, so that the water covers about an inch of the seed. Keep it in a warm place out of direct sunlight and check on it every day. Keep adding water so the level stays consistent. If you’re patient, in about six weeks you’ll see the stem and roots appearing. Wait til the stem grows about six inches long, then cut it in half. Once you see leaves growing, you can plant your avocado seed in soil – but make sure you leave half the seed above the surface so it can grow properly.

These are just a few ideas to get you going with your new indoor garden project – there are lots more herbs you can grow in water as well. These excellent tips for growing herbs in water come from the Natural Living Ideas website, where you can learn lots more about all-natural gardening, nutrition, beauty, and lifestyles.*

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