25 Incredibly Cheesy Recipes You Need In Your Life

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Cheese offers a truly astonishing range of flavor experiences. This series of recipes offers you 25 incredibly cheesy recipes you need in your life. Cheese can range from soft and spreadable with a mild flavor such as you find in a cream cheese to cheeses that are almost too hard to slice and with such strong flavor only the tiniest amounts are needed as in parmigiano reggiano. Cheese is an extraordinary food, found in virtually every country and region around the world. Indeed, the names of some cheeses, like the name of champagne, can only be applied to the cheese that is produced there, and it is actually illegal to sell cheese named after a region where it may not have been produced or where particular strains of cows did not produce the cheese.

But what is cheese, anyway? Each of us consumes, on average, about 23 pounds of it each year. Still, few of us know how it is made. The myth around the invention of cheese is that it resulted from milk left in a travel sack made from the rumen of a goat. The bacteria still in the rumen curdled the milk and cheese was invented. Since those simple beginnings, cheese has had an extraordinary journey.

Cheese can be made from pretty much any mammal that produces milk, although most North American cheese comes from cow milk. Cheese connoisseurs might argue that the milk from sheep, higher in fat content, or the milk from goats, with smaller proteins, are better choices. Regardless, cow cheese dominates the North American market.

These recipes use mostly cow cheese, which offers a diverse range of sweet and subtle to sharp and pungent. Cheese can be baked, melted into a broad range of other ingredients, broiled under a grill to become crisp, used to smother other ingredients to form a light crust when baked or served unaltered on top of crackers, breads, with fruits and vegetables. There are endless ways to eat and serve cheese, testament to its versatility and popularity in North American culture.

The cheese recipes on this site offer exciting choices of food to make with cheese whether you stuff it in to something and deep-fry it (wontons), melt it and pour it over chips (tortilla chips) or otherwise smother something in or with it (cheese pepper dip).

There is always a cheese that you can find to enjoy because of the range of textures and flavors available today. Try some of them using one of the recipes on this site tonight.

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