$3 Altoids Emergency USB Charger

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This YouTube video can show you how to charge your ipod or iphone or other devices that require this type of charge. You can make this $3 Altoids Emergency USB Charger and use it wherever you are during the day, whether you are in your car, a plane or in another area where you cannot easily find an electrical outlet. It requires only a few things that you can easily buy at the hardware store and corner store. all of the materials might be available at your local drug store. The YouTube video is very easy to follow and not long to watch. In only a few minutes you can see how to put together the USB charger. Then you are good to go. It fits into your pocket or slip it into your briefcase or wherever it can be handy for you to pull out at need.

Some cautions are given so that the device closes securely and operates smoothly. You might want to pay attention to these instructions to ensure that yours operates well. A little battery and container are almost all you really need. This can be a really handy device for when you are travelling in areas where you may not be able to charge your devices from a regular electrical outlet.

The device charges at about the usual pace, and there is lighting that will show you whether or not the device is charging. The LED lighting can also be turned off if you do not want the light operating while the device is charging. It is all changeable to fit your needs.

The cost will likely vary depending on where you live. Altoids may or may not be available in your area, so you can just look for a package of similar size, shape and material and it will work just as well.

The information is given in English, easy to understand, and with great illustrations that make it easy to construct.

Find out how to make this $3 Altoids Emergency USB Charger and many other interesting things at the website, YouTube, by following the link below.

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