3 Carpet Cleaning Hacks to Make Life Easier

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So go and check out these 3 carpet cleaning hacks to make life easier. We can all use a break, and cleaning carpet is not anyone’s idea of a great way to pass the time. Any thing that can make the job easier and less frequent is a good idea for most of us. These carpet cleaning hacks make fit right in to your cleaning schedule. Every one that wants a clean house using as few commercial products as possible should probably keep a healthy supply of baking soda, vinegar and kosher salt under their sink or in their cleaning cabinet. These ingredients can be used to pick up vomit, clean up spills like wine or juice, and do many other things. Vinegar is a great acid based solution that can actually inhibit the growth and spread of bacteria throughout the house. Mixed with a little essential oil to mask the smell—like lemon or whatever scent you favor—it can be used diluted to clean a lot of spaces in the house, including windows.

Carpets can be a real challenge. When they get dirty, especially with spills or chunky icky messes like vomit, it can take some real skill to get the entire mess up. This is also true with urine, which can spread, sit and then every time the spot gets even remotely moist or wet, stinks up again with the urine smell. Nice. To avoid these problems, check out the 3 carpet cleaning hacks to make life easier that this site shares. They are useful, and none are too expensive. And, really, to get the smells and stains out of the carpet, does it matter what it costs! It has got to go. Check out the website today for these ideas and plenty more.

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