3 Cheese Bacon Campfire Potatoes

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Summer is here and it’s time for camping! And what better time of year to experiment with your campfire cooking? Aside from the ever-popular S’mores dessert, there are so many other wonderful recipes you can be cooking out there. How about this one for 3 Cheese Bacon Campfire Potatoes? Not only is it quick and easy to cook, it’s quick and easy to eat, too!

And while we’re talking about potatoes, have you ever wondered where this popular food comes from? The lowly yet lovely potato comes is from the perennial nightshade family. Vegetables from the nightshade family are some of the most widely-consumed veggies in the world, and they include sweet peppers, tomatoes, and eggplant – among many others! Although there is much speculation over where potatoes first originated from, research is now showing they first grew in the areas that are now known as southern Peru and north western Bolivia. It’s believed they were first cultivated about 7000 years ago, or perhaps even earlier. It’s also believed that potatoes began to migrate into other cultures about 400 years ago. And today, the potato is one of the world’s greatest food staples! It is actually the fourth largest food crop, coming right after corn, wheat, and rice.

And thanks to potato chips, we all know just how addictive potatoes can be! But besides making chips, there are so many things you can do with a potato! You can bake, fry, or boil it. You can grill, mash, scallop, cream, and stuff it. What’s more, you can add it to stews, soups, and salads. And you can also cut it into bite-sized pieces, add oil and other yummy ingredients, and cook it in your campfire – like this recipe! Truly, the sky is the ultimate limit when it comes to the beloved potato.

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