3 Cheese Skillet Lasagna

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This 3-Cheese Skillet Lasagna looks so appealing in the round pan.

You prepare the meat sauce in this skillet, cook the pasta, add it to the skillet, add the cheeses as the recipe will explain and broil. This really is a super simple 30-minute method of making lasagna.

This kind of recipe makes you want just to call up all your friends and share it! Let us face it, there are a few out there that don't like lasagna, but a RARE few!!!!Lasagna is a favorite, but the preparation time is a process. It is a process that is always worth it, but imagine having the entire meal from start to finish done in 30 minutes.

This recipe uses a 93% lean ground beef. Using lean ground beef means you won't have a lot of fats to drain off. Buying regular ground beef is less money per pound, but it has more fat in it. Although I use to go for the price, now I only use lean and extra lean as there is not much shrinkage. This is a personal choice and one you would need to run a side by side cooking experiment dollar for dollar to see you are saving money or not with the fattier grade. With this type of recipe, the great this is that you can easily substitute ground chicken if your family doesn't eat beef. This recipe uses Parmesan, mozzarella and ricotta cheese and fresh basil. What a winning combination of flavors.

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