3 Envelope Roast

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A roast beef is such a classic family meal idea. You can make this envelope roast any night of the week for a delicious and hearty meal and enjoy the leftovers the following day. This recipe comes from Easy Recipes which is a great source for easy dinner ideas. Not only do they have great meat recipes and crock pot meals involving meat like this one, but they also have yummy dessert recipes and even some healthy vegetarian recipes too like their stuffed zucchinis or their vegetable barley soup. You could pair this envelope roast with some roasted vegetables and potatoes for a really great meal, or even with a salad for a lighter option. The following day, you could even make a stew with the leftover meat and vegetables in your crock pot. For this recipe, they suggest using a chuck roast which is one of the more affordable cuts of this meat and is usually what is used to make ground beef. It has good flavour and a good balance of meat to fat. It's also known as a chuck steak when the pieces of meat are cut about 1 inch thick and grilled or broiled. The recipe here is what is also known as a chuck roast which is cooked in liquid in a pot.

A chuck roast has high amounts of protein, iron, zinc and potassium and it doesn't have a lot of fat. When you go to buy your chuck roast, try to get meat that comes from an organic farm where they raise happy, healthy animals. It's been shown that animals raised in factory farm settings have a higher fat content than pasture-raised animals. The factory farmed animals are also given more antibiotics and hormones to keep them growing at a faster rate than normal. So not only is organic pasture-raised meat better for you, but the animals are also raised in a humane and natural way. So once you have your chuck roast that is at least 3 pounds, you'll also need some Italian salad dressing mix, or you could make your own by mixing Italian spices like oregano, basil, and parsley together with some garlic, salt, and pepper. You'll also need some dry ranch salad dressing mix and some dry brown gravy mix as well. You can make your own ranch powder by mixing buttermilk powder or milk powder, parsley, dill, chives, garlic, onion, salt and pepper. You can also make your own dry gravy mix too by crushing up a bouillon cube and mixing it with some flour and salt and pepper. You can use either beef, chicken or vegetable bouillon cubes for this recipe.

Mix all of these dry ingredients with two cups of water and stir until they are completely mixed into the water. Then, you can also brown the meat first if you want and then add it to the crock pot. Browning the meat on the outside first will help to sear in all of the juices and keep the meat tender while it cooks. Pour the water and salad dressing mixture over the meat and then cook on low for 8 hours if you have the time or for 4 hours on high for a faster meal time. Cooking the meat in a crock pot will also help keep the meat tender and juicy, and it will practically fall apart when it's ready. You can also put in some vegetables to cook with the meat too, or roast them in the oven closer to dinner time to cook them separately. Enjoy this and other easy dinner ideas and crock pot meals from Easy Recipes.***

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