3 Ingredient Apple Oatmeal Crisp

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There is nothing quite like a good apple crisp recipe, an easy apple recipe that you can enjoy anytime of the year. This healthy apple dessert is quick and easy to make and only uses three basic ingredients, but it tastes like you used all fresh ingredients. This is a great dessert recipe to use when you don't have a lot of time, and you are in need of a dessert recipe or just want something sweet. This easy apple recipe is tasty, especially with so little ingredients. Next time you do your shopping, you'll want to pick up the ingredients used in the apple dessert recipe, so you always have them on hand when you feel like making this easy apple recipe. For this dessert recipe, you will need a couple of cans of apple pie filling, chopped pecans (which are optional), melted butter, and some oatmeal cookie mix. For the full step by step instructions to this easy apple recipe, you will want to take a look at the site.

Using a couple of cans of apple pie filling is a good way to save some time in the kitchen for this easy apple recipe. Apples are by far one of the most popular fruits in the world, whether they are eaten raw or baked into healthy apple desserts and easy apple recipes. Some fun facts about apples include that apple trees are one of the most widely grown of fruit trees, with millions of tons of apples grown around the world each year. You might be surprised to know that there are thousands of different apple varieties to include Golden Delicious apples, Fuji apples, Gala, Pink Lady apples, Spartan apples, Red Delicious, and Granny Smith apples. The Granny Smith apple originated in the country of Australia by accident, in 1868 from a chance seedling by a woman named Maria Ann Smith. Most apple varieties are eaten fresh, but can also be used in easy apple recipes and apple juice recipes. The apple tree originated in Central Asia. China is the top producer of apples in the world. Apples were first taken to North America by the European settlers. Apple trees are quite vulnerable to different pests and diseases, so chemical sprays are often needed to help limit the damage, but organic methods are also used. Because of that pesticide use on conventional apples, the fruit makes it on the dirty dozen list from EWG of pesticide residues, with apples being in the top five.

Honey bees are commonly used to help pollinate the apple trees. Apple trees typically blossom in the spring with the apples maturing in autumn. Apple seeds contain a cyanide compound, but your body can handle small doses of this naturally occurring poison. For the compound to do any harm, you would have to eat a large number of seeds for them to have an effect. And even if a large number of apples were eaten, the seeds are covered in a protective coating which keeps the cyanide compound safe inside. An average apple has approximately 130 calories. The popular saying of an apple a day keeps the doctor away is believed to have first originated in the country of Wales in the 19th century. While eating apples might not guarantee good health, like any fruit and vegetable they have plenty of nutritional value and potential health benefits. A raw apple with it's skin left on has lots of dietary fiber and vitamin C with some iron when eaten.

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