3 Ingredient Edible Peeps Playdough

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When Peter Cottontail comes hopping down the bunny trail, that’s when the Peeps come out! If you are not familiar with what a Peep is then, you need to brush up on your Peepin’ knowledge before diving into this edible peeps Playdough recipe. Peeps were a common Easter treat used to stuff your children’s Easter gift baskets at that joyous time of year. Back in the day peeps could have been considered the candy corn of the Easter holiday, what with chocolate eggs to hunt for and cream filled eggs to fill the Easter baskets as the more popular choices. Over time, it seems as though peeps and peep recipes have become far more popular than expected, now coming in a variety of fun flavors and even being used in many baking and cake recipes. Believe it or not, there are even yearly peeps art and diorama making contests being held annually all over. Can you even believe that is a real activity to participate in? Go and check it out for yourself at the peeps website while you sit and enjoy this edible peeps playdough.

Meaghan is the mastermind behind this creative, fun and delicious activity for you to enjoy with the kids, and this edible playdough is not her first idea. On this budget and kid friendly, DIY and recipe blog, 4 Sons ‘R’ Us offers a virtual craft corner loaded with tons of cute creations, some healthy and some not, for those days when a sweet treat is well deserved. The child's play tab offers creative ideas for kids snacks and parties. Don’t forget the pets, homemade treats and products make this a well-rounded blog for the whole family.

At this point, you must be reeling with anticipation on how you can make playdough from a marshmallow peep. This edible peep recipe is so simple it will blow your mind, and have you wondering just how Meaghan came up with this easy to make playdough recipe. Having a microwave and some powdered sugar is pretty close to all you need, and as an option for not adding any more sugar to the already super sweet peeps, you can substitute with corn starch. The worst part about bringing out the playdough with the youngsters is when they mix all of the colors together, because you know next week you are going to need to buy more now that everything has become either grey or brown. With this 3 ingredient edible peeps recipe you don’t have to worry because mixing it is half the fun. Fruit punch, cotton candy, party cake or sour watermelon flavor, mix them together to create your own flavor combos. How about buying the peeps mystery flavors? the fun is in not knowing what it will taste like. We have to thank Meaghan at the 4 Sons ‘R’ Us recipe and craft blog for sharing this 3 Ingredient Edible Peeps recipe with us, making playdough has never been so fun. I guess we know what sweet treat will be showing up in the kids Easter baskets this year! **

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