3 Ingredient Mug Cake

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Baking cakes are not the way to go when you want to satisfy a sweet tooth within moments, but now you can with this 3-ingredient mug cake recipe. This mug cake recipe involves a combination of boxed angel food cake mix and your choice of store-bought mix. Then, it takes only a minute to bake your cake recipe and enjoy. In a world where cake recipes are about extensive measuring, multiple ingredients, and a long baking time, quick dessert recipes, like this mug cake recipe, are a lifesaver. The next time you or your family has a craving for something sweet, you won’t have to bake a cake the traditional way. Instead, you can dive into this 3-ingredient mug cake recipe.

If you want simple dessert recipes to serve your family on a weeknight, this 3-ingredient mug cake recipe is both easy and fun. Since the only mandatory ingredient to this cupcake recipe is angel food cake mix, you can change the other cake mix up and do whatever flavours you want for a unique take on these fun desserts. Try doing a molten chocolate cake recipe by combining the angel food cake mix with chocolate cake mix, then once the batter is in the cup, add a large chunk of dark chocolate to the cup. The chocolate may not sit right in the center of the cake when it is baked, but you should still have gooey chocolate in your mug dessert. Alternatively, you could simply mix the angel food cake with vanilla cake batter, then top with whipped cream and berries when the cake is cooked. Cake baking will never be as easy as making this easy mug cake recipe.

You may be concerned about using store-bought cake mixes to produce these cool dessert recipes, but cake mixes at the store are made out of most of the same ingredients you would use in baking, like sugar, flour, and baking powder. If you are worried about the healthiness of your cake recipe, be sure to read the nutritional labels on the packages before deciding on the one with the most natural ingredients. The store-bought frostings are the products that aren’t usually very healthy and contain a lot of preservatives, but homemade frosting takes minutes to whip up at home, so you shouldn’t have to rely on prepared icings if you don’t feel good about them. For a chocolate frosting, just cream butter, icing sugar, whipping cream and melted semi-sweet chocolate together until the mix is light and creamy. You can also follow a similar method for vanilla icing, by substituting the melted chocolate for pure vanilla extract. The best thing about this mug cake recipe is the fact that it is so versatile, so if you want to prepare a chocolate avocado frosting by adding avocado and chocolate to a blender to smoothen into an icing consistency, you can. Or else, top your cake with a little sweetened whipped cream. Thank you to Brandie, the author of ‘The Country Cook’ recipe blog, for showing us her easy way to make this 3-ingredient mug cake recipe at home.

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