3 Layer Mississippi Mudslide Cake

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If you are a major chocolate lover, you will want to make this three-layer mudslide cake recipe. This Mississippi cake recipe is a mass of chocolate flavour from three fluffy cake layers, chocolate and coffee whipped cream, and chocolate ganache while some chopped Oreo cookies are sprinkled over the top for an elaborate garnish and some textural crunch. Modelled after the Mississippi Mudslide drink, this chocolate cake recipe contains some coffee flavour, which works so well in this decadent oreo cookie recipe.

Even though this cake recipe is based on the Mississippi Mudslide drink, it is a very loose take on it, so that this cake can be accessible to children as well as adults. If you would prefer to make this an adult cake recipe, you can tweak the whipped cream by flavouring with some Bailey’s or Kahlua. The coffee taste provided by instant coffee should be enough to bring the cake into the realm of the Mudslide drink, however, and still allow it to be kid-friendly. Oreo desserts are usually associated with kid’s desserts and not alcoholic beverages, but there is an Oreo Mudslide cocktail in which Kahlua, Bailey’s, vodka, and ice cream are blended with an oreo cookie. This fact makes the origins of this mudslide cake recipe even clearer, but Oreos are an excellent addition to any dessert regardless.

This chocolate cake recipe will be something that kids are going to love and often they want to learn how to make dessert recipes. The assembly of this cake is very easy, because you are only spreading the coffee cream between the layers and on the very top of the cake, plus you can hide any imperfections with the crushed Oreo cookies and chocolate drizzle. Your kids will be so ecstatic to help you decorate this delicious and rustic cake recipe, but they want to help you measure ingredients as well. If you are wondering how to bake a cake with kids, explain each step to them and allow them to measure each ingredient while maintaining a careful eye on the amounts. Even if a measurement is slightly off, chances are it won’t harm the result, and it will allow your kids to learn and gain confidence in the kitchen.

This cake is one of the best cake recipes because it isn’t too high maintenance to decorate, but is also elaborate enough to make it fitting for a special event or party. Fudgy chocolate cake recipes are all the rage, but this Mudslide Cake recipe will impress anyone you serve it to, by still being a chocolate cake, but also being a little bit different. Consider serving this Mississippi Mudslide cake with a generous scoop of vanilla ice cream to remind people even more of its namesake cocktail. It is bound to be a cake that you, your kids, and your guests can get behind. Thank you to Jocelyn, the author of ‘Inside Bru Crew Life’ recipe blog, for sharing her easy Mississippi Mudslide Cake recipe with us.**

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