3 ways to clear that clogged shower drain with what you already have at home

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A clogged shower drain is more than a little frustrating when you are trying to get ready in the morning. This is something that can happen when too much hair accumulates in the drain. The hair mixes with dirt, grime and dust, and eventually, you are standing in the shower as the water keeps rising. When this happens, you might find yourself considering a call to the plumber, and having to spend a lot of money just to get things working properly again. The good news is that usually a clogged shower drain is caused by a buildup of hair and grime, that can be easily removed if you know the right steps and things to use. You will want to take a look at the Tip Hero site for the full list of DIY ideas and tips for clearing a clogged shower drain.

One diy idea for clearing a clogged drain is to use the boiling blowout technique. For this, you will need some water and a pot, a saucepan or a tea kettle. This diy idea takes about five minutes. Start by boiling some water, then pouring it gradually down the clogged drain. This diy idea works because the hot temperature of the water helps to break up the hair and all the other grime that is causing the clog. The second method for clearing a clogged drain is using natural cleaners. For this DIY idea, you will need baking soda, white vinegar, and water. This diy idea takes about one hour. Start by mixing about 1/3 cup of baking soda with the same amount of vinegar in a measuring cup. These natural cleaners will start to fizz almost immediately. That’s when you’ll want to pour it down the clogged drain. You want to wait about an hour and then turn on the water to help wash everything down. This chemical reaction works because it clings to the grime to help break it up and wash it away.

Baking soda is an ingredient that is a mainstay of all sorts of baking recipes, but it can be used beyond baking as a natural cleaner and house cleaning tips. Baking soda can be found in the backs of refrigerators, in natural cleaners and natural deodorants and toothpaste. Baking soda, which is also known as sodium bicarbonate, is salt. You'll find that it tastes like a milder version of regular table salt. Baking soda absorbs odors. And unlike candles or air fresheners, which simply mask the odors, baking soda is an ingredient that absorbs things that might make your kitchen smell less than clean. This is why boxes of baking soda are left in the refrigerators. That's because most odors are acidic and, because baking soda is an ingredient that is basic, that reacts with the acids in the air to help neutralize them. Baking soda reacts with vinegar. The acid-base reaction is also the reason that baking soda and white vinegar work together. The baking soda and the vinegar volcano might be a science-fair classic, but that same chemical reaction can be used as a natural cleaner for your kitchen or your bathroom. Pouring some baking soda and white vinegar down a clogged drain can clear it, slathering a baking soda paste inside of your oven and then adding a little vinegar on it cuts through grease and leaves the surface clean again. You can make a natural cleaner paste out of baking soda and water and use it to clean your stove top. Spread the paste on your stove top, let it sit for about ten minutes, then wipe clean.

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