30+ Easy to Make Snowman Ornaments for Christmas

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Making your own diy ornaments is the perfect way to get into the spirit of winter and snowmen are a symbol of winter fun. The snowman is one of the icons that isn't tied to any religious beliefs or religious holidays. It's simply a reminder of how fun the wintertime can be if you just go out and enjoy it. People have been making snowmen for a very long time, although it's not clear when the first snowman was created. But Bob Eckstein who is the author of a book called The History of the Snowman found out that they started being made in medieval times. The fist depiction he found was a drawing in a book from 1380 and the earliest photo taken of a snowman is from 1853 and was taken by Mary Dillwyn from Wales. It has become a tradition every winter for people to build snowmen, especially with kids. It's a fun way to get outside and make something creative. Usually, a snowman will be made with either two or three big balls of snow that are created by continuously rolling the snowball in more snow, so it grows larger and larger. Then, the large snowballs are stacked on top of each other and then a nose, eyes and a mouth are made out of stones or even a carrot for the nose. Sometimes people will give their snowmen buttons and arms made out of twigs, and even a had and a scarf to really bring them to life.

One of the largest snowmen ever made was 22 feet tall, made by a man in Wisconsin in 2015 and the world record for the largest snowman was set in Bethel, Maine in 2008, and it was a snow woman who was 122.1 feet high. They named it in honour of US Senator representing Maine who's name was Olympia Snowe. The smallest snowman was created in Canada in 2016 and made out of 0,9-micron spheres of silica, with arms and a nose made out of platinum and the face made using an ion beam. You can make your own snowmen or women outside in your yard, but when you get too cold, you can come inside and make some snowmen ornaments to hang around your home to celebrate the winter season. These would be great to make around the winter solstice which usually falls on December 21st or 22nd.

There are some pretty fun diy projects to choose from in the list of 30 or more diy snowmen crafts from Duct Tape and Denim. You can even recycle certain items you might have laying around the house as well. If you have bottle caps, you can make cute little ornaments that look like snowmen by glueing three bottle caps together at the sides and then adding a face, scarf and buttons. They would look really cute hanging from a tree or from your mantle. Another great diy idea is to use round pieces of wood to create little rustic style snowmen. Just add a plaid bow, and you've got yourself a charming rustic ornament. If you have some extra buttons on hand, use them to make little snowmen on pieces of fabric. Just glue three buttons onto the fabric and cut out the fabric around the buttons. These ones would be easy enough for the kids to make with you, especially if you just use school glue instead of a hot glue gun. The melted snowmen ornaments are pretty cute and such a funny idea as well. Check out all of the diy ideas and fun diy projects and try a couple out this year.***

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