33 Christmas Slow Cooker Recipes

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Here are 33 Christmas Slow Cooker Recipes, but you can likely make them at any time of the year if you would really like to! And these 33 Christmas slow cooker recipes cover just about every meal from breakfast through lunch and on to the dinner hour as well as just about every type of meal you can think of. So you can make eggs, oatmeal, bread pudding, fudge, dips, cinnamon apples and all other kinds of delicious meals, snacks, or treats that you might want to offer friends who drop by over the holiday, to the kids, and to any one else who might be at your dinner table. The nice thing about slow cooker recipes is that they take only a few minutes to prepare and then you simply leave them to cook by themselves. Most slow cooker recipes do not require any attention, stirring or other things done to them once you have put all the ingredients in to the slow cooker. Of course, there are exceptions to this generalization, but for the most part, the whole point of a slow cooker is to allow you to put your meal in a pot and then leave it to slow cook by itself.

The idea of the slow cooker comes from the Jewish tradition on the Sabbath to not do any work. Even ovens get shut down, and meals are not prepared. So to have food to eat, people would set their food by the cooling oven, and leave it to cook over night in the decreasing warmth of the fire. The next day, their food would be ready, and wonderfully rich, moist and juicy. An observant entrepreneur saw this method of cooking and from it, developed the slow cooker. Of course, the idea caught on right away, and today, pretty much every household has a slow cooker. They are such a simply and neat idea, and they take up no space at all in the kitchen. And they are cheap to buy. Yet, they can become one of your most valued and useful tools in the kitchen. Teach the kids how to use them, too, so they can make up various dishes and dinners that they like most. It is a safe tool for kids of almost any age to learn how to use because the heat does not get too high. Still, always be aware of heat sources and especially when they are plugged in to electrical sockets.

So this site, Totally The Bomb, has put together 33 different slow cooker recipes that you can try out . Many of them are full meals and others are dips, snacks, sweets and desserts. Enjoy this soon.

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