33 Tips to Help You Save Hundreds on Your Groceries

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Have you ever stood at the checkout as your groceries are being rung up and become faint-hearted as the dollar count went up and up and up? Well, here are 33 tips to help you save hundreds on your groceries, money that we know we can use for the many other things we need to keep our households running smoothly.

You know the feeling. All you can hear is chu-ching, chu-ching and it seems to just keep getting louder and louder in your ears as the subtotal continues to mount. Then you start to sweat, wondering, do I have enough to pay for all of this? Will I have to put something back? How embarrassing! But you dont have to go through that any more with these helpful tips and tricks that will save you money at the store and keep more in your pocket.

The first tip to help you save money is to always make a shopping list and stick to it. If you have your meals and snacks planned out for your family you can be sure that all your food will be eaten and nothing will get tossed. Estimates are that as much as 40 percent of the food we buy gets tossed into the garbage bin. Grocery lists and food plans can eliminate that waste.

The second tip is to use coupons. There are all kinds of online coupons, coupons in your mail, coupon groups and so many other ways that you can use coupons to get your favorite brands at no name prices. To help you stay organized with coupons, use envelopes and label them with general items. For example, you could have envelopes for the bathroom, the kitchen, general cleaning, and so on. Just keep the envelopes in a drawer and toss the coupons in. When you go shopping (with your grocery list!) go through the coupons and pull out the ones you need.

Buy in season foods and from local sources. There are a couple of ways to do this. If you live in a big agricultural area you may see all kinds of small stands selling seasonal fruits and veggies. Fill up. Then freeze. You will be astonished at how cheaply these things are being sold for. Even in-store, local goods and in-season produce is always much cheaper than expensive, out-of-season imports. These are just some of the ways you can save big bucks on your groceries.

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