35 Minute No Wait Pizza Roll

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This pizza roll recipe is fast to pull together, and the dough doesn’t require much resting or rising. Not only is this 30 minute no wait pizza roll recipe quick and easy, but it is also as fast as ordering pizza delivery to your home. You might think that pizza dough is time-consuming to make, but this stromboli recipe proves that pizza dough can be easy by using Fleischmann’s pizza yeast. This pizza yeast works quickly, which means that the dough only needs to be rested for four or five minutes while you prepare your filling ingredients. If were wondering how to make pizza dough from scratch, now you know that you can use this delicious stromboli dough recipe and use it for all your future pizza creations.

Since this easy stromboli recipe is so fast to make and is filled with ingredients that everyone loves, this would make the perfect addition to your weekly meal plan if you are searching for family friendly meal ideas. Jen, the author of ‘Carls Bad Cravings’, lists all the toppings she uses but informs you that you can adjust your filling ingredients according to the flavors you enjoy. This is perfect if you have a family member who doesn’t like mushrooms or can’t take the heat of the hot Italian sausage. Also, just because one person in the family doesn’t like a particular ingredient, doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy that flavor yourself. You could cut the dough into individual portions and let everyone pick and choose their toppings, or you could keep the stromboli whole, but layer ingredients in sections for each person. That way everyone can eat the type of pizza recipe they like.

You may be looking for entertaining menu ideas for your next family get-together, whether it is Christmas, Thanksgiving, or a pool party,in which case this pizza recipe would be a flavourful choice. The fact that this stromboli recipe can be sliced into compact wedges makes these easy snacks for entertaining, and you could serve the slices alongside a bowl of spicy marinara sauce for a quick dip. These could also make a nice brunch or lunch option when served alongside a tossed green salad.

This easy stromboli recipe uses a lot of meat, including sausage, ham, and pepperoni, but feel free to replace these with a lot more vegetables if you aren’t a meat eater. Even if you do eat meat, you may want to purchase your meat from farms that raise animal’s organically and free range, because not only is raising animals in happy way more ethical, it also produces better tasting, more nutritious meat. If you don’t have farms in your area to purchase from, look for a butcher that is supplied by organic farms, rather than factory farms, for the most ethically raised meat possible. Thank you to Jen, the author of ‘Carls Bad Cravings’ recipe blog, for her 30 minute no wait pizza roll recipe.**

Nutrition Facts for: 35 Minute No Wait Pizza Roll From Carlsbad Cravings
Ingredients: Flour, yeast, sugar, salt, olive oil, egg, marinara sauce, basil, parsley, oregano, rushed red pepper flakes, mozzarella cheese Parmesan cheese,hot Italian sausage, pepperoni, honey ham, green bell pepper, onion, mushrooms, black olives.
* Percentages (%) are based on a 2000 calorie diet * The entire recipe has been calculated for 10 servings. * Per Serving: Calories 405, Calories from Fat 224, Total Fat 24.9g 38%, Saturated Fat 8.4g 42%, Cholesterol 73mg 24%, Sodium 1129mg 47%, Potassium 325mg 9%, Carbohydrates 25.2g 8%, Dietary Fiber 2.2g 9%, Sugars 2.5g, Protein 20.5g, Vitamin A 8%, Vitamin C 23%, Calcium 15%, Iron 16%

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