392 sqft Timbertrail cabin has loft and large porch for outdoor enjoyment

Photo Credit: Coventry Log Homes Inc

Are you dreaming of building a log cabin of your very own? Here is a sweet recreational cabin from Coventry Log Homes called the Timbertrail cabin. The Timbertrail Coventry log cabin is one of many small log cabins from Coventry Log Homes, and it starts at the low price of $23,800. As you decide on a log cabin plan, it really helps to have a look through all of the great designs on their website to see which ones you like the most. The company specializes in building prefab log cabin kits which can be ordered from their website. The cabins are factory direct meaning they come straight from their factory instead of through a distributor which happens in many cases when you're buying a log cabin kit. It also means that their customers have access to the designers, craftsmen, and the customer service representatives, to help you in building a log cabin that suits your needs. You'll see that they have four different categories including the Cabin Series which the Timbertrail log cabin is included in. These small log cabins are appropriate for part-time vacation cabins. They also have log cabins and log house kits for full-time use in their Timber Frame homes or the Craftsman Series. Then, they offer simple and affordable log cabin and home designs in the Tradesman series.

Since the Timbertrail comes from their Cabin series of models they are not intended for full-time use and usually don't meet the codes required for full-time living. The small log cabin design would be perfect for a recreational cabin on the lake or in the woods though. It has one bedroom as well as a bathroom so it could be great for a single person, a couple or a small family. The floor plan features a loft area which could be great for a sleeping area or a storage area, plus there is a cathedral ceiling and an open concept living area. Another great feature is the large porch on the front of the log cabin which would be a wonderful place to relax outside. You could even screen the porch in to keep the bugs away and to prevent dust and leaves from blowing in. The complete package would cost around $26,900 for the larger floor plan option or $23,800 for, the smaller floor plan option. If you want only the shell of the cabin, it would be $21,750, but you would have to finish the interior and buy all of your own windows and doors.

It's a great idea to buy a package or a kit when you're building a log cabin so that you don't have to go through all of the work of cutting the logs yourself and shaping them manually. All of the work is already done for you, and all you have to do is put it together following the directions. Most people can build these log cabin kits with a couple of other people in just a few weekends, especially if you order a smaller plan. Before you build your log cabin, you will have to pour a foundation to set the cabin on first. This can be done by a company, or you can also learn how to do it yourself if you're feeling ambitious. Getting your foundation set up while your cabin kit is being built is a great idea because then the foundation will be all ready to be built on when your cabin kit arrives. Have a look at all of the great small log cabins available on the Coventry Log Homes website and see which designs stand out to you.***

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