3-Ingredient Creamy Coconut Ice Cream (No Machine Needed)

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If you are searching for a fun food and comfort dessert then Tracey has got you covered. Her ice cream desserts addition to your fun food recipes folder will now have a great addition. Being able to make ice cream without a machine will turn heads and will definitely make your little ones happy. This recipe includes coconut but you can always add the ingredients you love if coconuts are not high on your favorites list. Comfort desserts are exactly what you think; they make you feel warm and fuzzy even if they are cold varieties.

Ice cream desserts are probably the most called for whether on a scorching hot day or the coldest day you have ever felt. The beauty of ice cream is in the velvety smooth texture and if you now have a way of making it without the aid of an ice cream making machine then the love for it has just grown. Whenever you find a recipe that calls for you to have a special machine to make it in then the recipe will hinder you when it comes to being able to produce it. Tracey has given you an alternative way to make ice cream that you should find both helpful and delicious. The next time you are craving a late night treat or an early afternoon snack then consider this wonderful ice cream recipe.

Ice cream has been part of our lexicon of desserts for many years. It was first believed to be made in the second century BC. This is not the tried and true and consensus choice but is the one most commonly referred to when listing the possible fist time it was enjoyed. The first ways that any form of ice cream was produced was by taking shaved ice and adding flavors to it.Alexander the Great is believed to have had an affinity for shaved ice flavored with honey and nectar. This is one great way to cool down. It took more than 1 thousand years for the shaved ice and flavored dessert to make its way to Europe courtesy of the explorer Marco Polo. He brought it back from Asia and is still considered to be the first actual sherbet recipe. Consider the fact that it then took another 200 years before it made its way to America when in 1777 the first recorded advertisement for it showed up in the New York Gazette. Dolly Madison ice cream is now famous but the first time it was served was to President Madison at his second

inaugural ball. Since those humble beginnings this cold and creamy dessert has found its way all over the world and in many different cake recipes as well as on its own.

The next time you are in need of cooling off and want to make a creamy desert that can be completely made from scratch in the privacy of your own home then consider Tracey’s recipe. Thanks to Tracey of The Kitchen is My Playground Blog for this yummy 3-Ingrerdient Creamy Coconut Ice Cream (No Machine Needed) Recipe and bon apetit.**

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