4 Clever Ways to Clean Things With Denture Tablets

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Did you know that the things people with dentures use to clean their fake teeth can also be used to clean other things? Here are 4 Clever Ways to Clean Things With Denture Tablets! These little tablets are great for cleaning dentures, so if you have dentures, you may already have some of them around. They are not very expensive to buy either, and last for a long time so even if you just wanted to get some for other cleaning purposes, besides cleaning dentures, you definitely could. They work so well because they are so effervescent and the bubbles get into the hard to reach places and clean the little nooks and crannies where other things cannot get into.

I do remember seeing people use them, like this list says, to clean their toilets, its the simplest way to clean your toilet without having to manually scrub it, you just pop one into the toilet bowl and the effervescence scrubs away. Not if your toilet is super dirty though, you would have to be doing this at least every week for it to work properly most likely. Once you are done with that, why not use another one to clean out your dingy old coffee or tea pot? All of those same stains that would stain our teeth, sometimes stain the inside of the coffee or tea pot, so just pop a denture tablet in there and let it work its magic!

If you have some jewelry, it is also a great thing to use denture tablets to clean, just dip it into the activated tablets and let the effervescence do its work! It can even clean hard to shine diamonds so you don't have to pay to get them cleaned all the time! Who knew these tablets had so many uses?! Head over to Wiki How for more information by following the link in the section below for more!

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