4 Ingredient Blueberry Jam

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If you are looking for a healthy, no-fuss jam recipe, this 4 ingredient blueberry jam recipe will become a favorite. This blueberry jam recipe combines four natural ingredients that set into a perfect thick consistency. What’s more, this jam takes only twenty minutes to make. Usually, preserves and jams take a lot more time because they are relying on the natural pectin in the fruit to set the mixture. Sometimes additional pectin will even be added so that the jam’s stability can be guaranteed. Traditional jam recipes also usually require canning, which means you have to sanitize the jars carefully and boil them, once filled. This quick blueberry jam recipe eliminates the extensive time required for jam making, as well as the efforts of canning, making it the jam recipe everyone must have. Slathered on some crusty whole grain bread, this blueberry jam recipe will be the perfect addition to a balanced breakfast.

Blueberries are a highly sought after food, because of their high antioxidant levels. Blueberry nutrition includes very high levels of vitamin E, C, and B6, as well as high amounts of dietary fiber and manganese. Due to the nutritional value of blueberries, like their high fiber content, blueberries are an excellent addition to blueberry breakfast recipes or any snack throughout the day. The fiber in blueberries helps maintain digestive health, as well as control blood sugar. Fiber-rich foods also help you feel full longer, so you won’t feel the need to snack as often, and are particularly beneficial when trying to lose weight. Consider adding fresh blueberries to your breakfasts or add to yogurt for a midday snack. This blueberry recipe will not only make the perfect addition to toast but will also be wonderful drizzle over top of oatmeal or served warm over scoops of vanilla ice cream. Even contemplate using this blueberry jam as a sauce to drizzle grilled salmon fillets. You can loosen the jam recipe up by adding some maple syrup or stock and stir in complimentary herbs, like tarragon, for a unique take on the salmon dinner.

The key to the success of this easy blueberry recipe is the addition of chia seeds. Chia seeds are very popular because of their very high fiber content, as well as their high levels of calcium. They are harvested from a flowering plant that belongs to the mint family in South America. Chia seeds have the ability to thicken fluids, which is why it is integral that they are used in this jam recipe. If you haven’t heard of chia seeds before, they are very easy to find at the grocery store. Look for them in either the baking aisle or natural food sections of your local grocery store. You might even be tempted to try this jam making method with all your other favorite seasonal berries, like raspberries, blackberries, or strawberries. Just adjust the stewing time accordingly depending on the berry variety. Thank you, Lexi, the author of Lexi’s Clean Kitchen recipe blog, for sharing her easy and delicious 4 ingredient blueberry jam recipe.**

Nutrition Facts for: 4 Ingredient Blueberry Jam from Lexi's Clean Kitchen
Ingredients: Organic blueberries, raw honey, lemon juice, chia seeds.
* Percentages (%) are based on a 2000 calorie diet * The entire recipe has been calculated for 16-ONE ounce servings. Makes 2 cups jam. * Per ServingCalories 26, Calories from Fat 6, Total Fat 0.7g 1%, Saturated Fat 0.1g 0%, Cholesterol 0mg 0%, Sodium 1mg 0%, Potassium 31mg 1%, Carbohydrates 5.6g 2%, Dietary Fiber 1.1g 4%, Sugars 4.0g, Protein 0.6g, Vitamin A 0% · Vitamin C 7%, Calcium 0%, Iron 7%

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