4 Ingredient Chili Dog Casserole

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Okay, this dish looks like a lot of fun, and one that’s perfect when it is your turn to feed the baseball team. Try this 4 ingredient chili dog casserole and you will be able to afford to feed as many kids as the team throws at you. It is simple, it is easy, and kids will think it is fabulous. This dish works with commercial ingredients that make it more a job of assembling the dish than actually making it. However, that also means that hungry young eaters can put this together mostly by themselves, and hopefully save you some work. A few minutes in the oven to heat everything up, and the kids will have a great fun meal they will love.

It can be hard to feed our kids a great balanced meal every time, and sometimes, they just want to eat something they think is good. So buy the best quality hot dogs you can, the best cheese and other ingredients, and serve it with some stuff they can crunch on. Try celery spread with peanut butter or cream cheese, miniature carrots (always a hit), or crunchy cucumber. These veggies are often pretty popular with kids and will round out that meal nicely.

This dish is quick to make, and certainly cheap. It uses brand names, but you can cut a few cents by buying no name. Just be sure of the quality in the hot dog and that it is all beef. No fillers needed. Try this recipe when the kids have friends over for a sleep over or play date. Everyone will appreciate the snack, and you will be the favored parent on the block. Try it today!

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